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I have had a history of 'cluster headaches' since the age of 18yrs. These 'attacks'

Thank you for your Question.

I can't really advise you about medication, but the suggestion that comes to mind is looking into the use of amino acids to help balance your brain chemistry and also for pain management.

Fortunately I can advise you from a metaphysical perspective.

I can see that you have experienced a great deal of physical trauma to your head in many past lives. And very likely in this life as well, which can be anything from a fall where you bumped your head, any mild concussion that was left untreated, even a car accident where whiplash may have been the only obvious injury. If any of these events occurred in this life it could be what has triggered past life trauma and is disallowing your brain to function well in present time.

Since sending you my answer you have informed me that you have had quite a lot of head trauma in this life; including a whiplash incidence - not in a car, but on a bike; a slap to the head from a football to the right hand side of your head, which is the side where you always have the attacks of pain. And a blow to the top of your head with a heavy tool that fell from a rooftop. All events occurring in childhood and adolescence.

I suggest you seek a professional healer that can actually help you release past and present life head trauma from your cellular memory. Kinesiologists can also be affective with this type of work, and more obviously a healer who specializes in past life regression.

I know this may sound a bit way out, and although there are no guarantees it will reduce your symptoms or episodes it would be a good thing to do from a personal and spiritual development perspective.

I can see at least ten past lives where you have sustained all sorts of head injuries, healing the memory of these experiences will help you release the fear of persecution, feelings of abandonment and rejection, feelings of not belonging and very likely the difficulties you may have at being here and being human.

As I mentioned before, although this sort of therapy may not reduce the episodes it would be really beneficial in how you deal with present day reality and ending any old patterns of behavior that no longer serve you in how you wish to live your life now.

Each life we live, gives us the opportunity to develop at a heart and soul level, and without sounding clichéd; you are here for a reason, and if you can examine the ‘WHY’ you have suffered so much physically, it will help you to consciously be in tune with the opening of your heart chakra and the path your soul wishes to take.

Finally the Angels are highly recommending you seek help to resolve the past life trauma. As you do this, they believe you will be quite enlightened emotionally and spiritually about a new direction you may wish to take that will help you explore at a deeper your sense of purpose and the reason you have chosen life at this time.

These moments of conscious realization may indeed be what change your life!!

Best Wishes and much love Claire xxx

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