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Hi Claire, I am writing to you with a very important question. I feel I am not living my life purpo

Thank you for your question and your patience in waiting for me to answer it.

I feel it is a good idea for you to move away from where you live at the moment, however it is important that you return occasionally to visit your friends, as you will miss them a great deal. Or perhaps make sure they commit to visiting you once you are settled.

I also feel your health is not as good as it could be, this could be due to the toxicity that accumulates in the physical body when living in a big city, and from doing a job that you are not happy doing. It also feels like you have adrenal fatigue, not too badly but there is an undercurrent of it, which could make you feel tired and a bit apathetic.

Your health can easily improve through getting back to nature, by continuing to honor the grief you are experiencing because of recent loss, exercise, and a change of diet to include foods that will support a detox process, and definitely some deep rest.

Once you have moved I would suggest your health and recovery is of the utmost importance. Moving will naturally amplify your feelings of exhaustion and any other emotional ‘stuff’ that comes up because of letting go of an old way of being, and the energy required as you adjust to your new environment. So the best advise I can give you is to take the time to give yourself the nurturing and tenderness you will need during this time of major transition.

In regards to your career, it does feel you need to be surrounded by empathetic people and environments that you would consider to eb beautiful. You are a highly sensitive person, of which I feel you have only come to fully appreciate over the past 5 years of your life. Consequently why city life and the profession you are in doesn’t fully resonate with your energy and level of sensitivity.

Being able to access nature easily for connection and healing is really important for highly sensitive people.

On another note I do feel working in color therapy and aromatherapy will be a really good thing to develop once you have settled. I also feel it will not be the only thing you venture into, but will lead the way to other opportunities.

I can also see clearly The High Priestess archetype as an aspect of your nature as a healer.

From my understanding she is essentially the one that presides over birth and death and can offer universal wisdom about the cycles of human life and the importance of living as a soul being, rather than in fear or feeling under threat.

She also loves ritual and ceremony and is very good as a group facilitator, especially holding sacred space for women in transition.

The high priestess is fundamentally a spiritualist and is often fluent in esoteric languages. She is able to access Universal knowledge for healing and to guide those being challenged by the human condition.

I also understand in your recent employment you have witnessed many transitioning from life to after life, however because the high priestess has many virtues this is not necessarily how she will manifest her talents through you, unless you wish to continue to support others at their end of life process.

So at some stage over the next three years of your life, I feel it would be of such great value to access her from within and find out more about what she knows and where she would like to take you in your work in the world.

I wish you well in in your new life and I trust you will find peace and happiness as you journey inwards to discover the mysteries pertaining to the high priestess, and that you are deeply nourished as you reconnect to Mother Nature.

A good astrologer would be able to assist you in finding where your high priestess sits in your astrological chart, and the planets that support her coming into your consciousness.

With love, Claire xx

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