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Hi Claire. My oldest dog Zac is 14yrs old in May, he's drinking too much water and of course we

Thank you for your question. I feel he is quite anxious; some of the stress is definitely to do with you being away recently, and his park anxiety.

However I feel you are getting a lot of visitations from spirit beings that are not harmful or dark, but who want to communicate with you about certain things.

These beings create a portion of your spiritual family and would appreciate you slowing down for a moment and taking the time to listen to what they wish to say to you. This can be made easier by acknowledging their presence and then taking pen to paper, letting go of control, tuning in and then writing down the information they wish to share with you.

Your doggie is fully aware of their presence but it is causing him some anxiety and frustration that you don’t seem to have the same awareness. But that is okay it was probably the last thing you would have thought of.

Naturally if you are not able to receive the messages, although you are well able to, you can always refer to a person who works as a Spiritual Channel or I can offer you further assistance should you require it.

However your Spirit friends are telling me they would prefer you to make an attempt in the first instance. They would like you to become more accepting of their presence and the information they wish to offer you.

I will also send some healing for Zac, which I hope will help him to relax and feel less on guard because of your spirit visitors.

Love and blessings Claire

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