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The Power of Prayer

A way to connect to your Guardian Angels is through prayer. You certainly do not have to be religious to pray, or recite prayers you learnt during religious studies or from when you attended church. However if you are most comfortable in praying the way your religion has taught you to, then continue that method, especially if it is helping you communicate with your Guardian Angels and with the Divine.

For those of you who have not had religious instruction or have become disillusioned by religion, then there are other ways to pray. My understanding of developing a present day prayer life, should be similar to having a conversation with your best friend, an ally, or someone who has your highest good as a priority. In this instance it is your Guardian Angels. You can tell your guardians anything, with the complete trust that you will not be judged for what you have said.

If it is important for you to see what your guardian Angels look like, but if you are not clairvoyant and most people aren’t, then you are allowed to use your imagination to visualise them how you wish to see them. Generally speaking they are Soul Beings that emanate light, colour and sound sustained in Universal Consciousness.

You can also give then names, or they may offer suggestions about what they wish to be called. Try to be playful when developing a relationship with them, as it is meant to be a joyful experience and not a sorrowful one. And yes you may have issues with your guardians, especially if you feel they have abandoned you and that being in a physical body separates you from them.

If this is the case then it might be best as you develop the relationship to also work simultaneously with letting go of those old emotional issues. As being emotionally withholding because of perceived wounding will encumber the flow for connection and a deepening relationship with them.

If you are able to pray with less rigidity and structure and a more conversational style, the heart can be less fearful and potentially more open to the friendship, and the guidance that may follow once the friendship has been established.

I do need to make it clear that your Guardians cannot tell you how to live your life, or prevent you from being challenged or stop you from making certain choices that will lead to regret. That is not their purpose. They can encourage you, and show you multiple possibilities, but ultimately you have free will, and although they have the ability, they do not have permission to control your will.

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