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I just started to set up a new business (link see below), following my heart and my souls purpose. I

Thank you for your question.

I have had a look at your website- thank you. You have done so much and are so talented- how wonderful! Its feel you are offering such a heartfelt gift to the world and to those that seek your help personally.

I do feel you may need to work part-time as your business gets going, I don’t feel this will be for more than a year, so don’t worry its not forever.

Because you have the advantage of being multi-lingual, its feel you could do very well with clients in other countries, so offering your healing services globally could work well for you.

You could also create packages to offer potential clients, which includes a number of the modalities you use for healing as a part of the program. I am sure you know it is not just one thing that clients can benefit from a number of services that you can offer. Having a holistic approach to healing, as I am sure you know, can be the best recipe for restoring your clients’ health and their sense of purpose. Initial assessments are also a good thing to do as it creates interest for people contemplating doing a program with you, and helps you to explore what would best suit the client.

You may need to find a business mentor to help you launch yourself into the world, mentors are the best, as they keep you focused and help you identify when you have lost faith and confidence in self and your business.

I also see that because of your deep connection to Mother Earth and her nature you would do well to organize trips overseas to sacred sites. You have suggested Kauai, I feel that would be a good starting point, but there are other places that you could also explore. To me this feels what will become a core part of your work in the world. It may take a little bit of time to get organized in this area of your business. The Angels feel like they are rejoicing as I write this information to you.

A part from your many talents as a healer, it feels a part of your purpose is to re-educate people about the sacredness of the Earth, by teaching them to connect with The Great Mother from an energetic perspective. As more and more people do this they will rediscover their divine feminine, which in turn aligns each of us to our powers of creation. When our creative juices flow, it enables to feel that we no longer have to live from the consciousness of fear and survival, destruction and the misuse of power.

The Angels encourage you to contemplate this deeply and as you open more and more to the potential of this type of work, the way will open for you. I do feel you may meet or have already met someone that would perhaps partner you in this aspect of your business. You will work well together.

The Angels are also encouraging you to listen to your inner voice when it comes to planning your first tour, and to also seek the guidance of the Great Mother when in nature. As she certainly has much to share with you about you’re potential for guiding others to Sacred Sites, and in how to reconnect your clients to the Sacredness of the Soul of humanity.

Blessings to you- what a wonderful journey and what a strong purpose you have. You are deeply loved and cherished by the Angels and they are very happy that you are finding your Soul’s calling in this lifetime.

With Love Claire and The Angels.

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