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Dear Claire, I have glimmers of awareness of my purpose. However, I have conflicting priorities and

With permission I used this question as a training exercise for one of my psychic development students, below is her answer.

Nicole’s Answer:

Follow your heart with your essential oils business. It is the best way forward but the timing hasn’t been right. February will see an opening of a door that was previously closed. There will be fears and challenges to overcome but know that when you put your genuine love and heart into something it will always bring the best possible outcome for your soul. There are many angels looking out for you. Call upon them at any time for any help you may need, no matter how small or trivial it may seem. Even if you’re just feeling tired and overwhelmed, pray to them and they will top you up with love and light.

The essential oils will lead you down an adventurous path where you will continue to learn more and share more the further you travel. It’s a path of trust and faith and a bit of hard work but it will pay off in many ways you haven’t even imagined yet. You are a very intuitive person and if you can remember to tune in and trust your gut it will not lead you astray. And as you follow the synchronicities along the way you will find you will feel more excited and energized and able to cope than ever before.

Claire's Answer:

I agree with Nicole’s answer. However, I would like to add that although the Essential oils business has the potential to keep you relatively busy, once it is up and running, some areas of the business will eventually be able to take care of itself. Again freeing you up to action some more of your creative ideas.

The picture that keeps coming to mind is that you will be writing children stories. For a concept of some children’s books, you need time and patience for it to enter your consciousness. Naturally being a parent and socializing with other children will also help feed the creative inspiration for the stories. I feel spending time in nature as often as you can, will also help you to connect to your creativity and connect you to Spirit, who support you 100%. They believe in you and your ability as a writer.

I do see that these books will cater for the 6- 9 year old market, but initially you will probably write some for toddlers and kindergarteners.

I do see that in both markets you will have a main character and the stories will evolve around him/ her.

I also get a sense that the books for older children will have a positive theme and therefore be subtly educational. For example one might be about self-belief, or self-respect, or the importence of sharing your feelings and so on.

Overall the best advice I can give you is there are many potentials waiting for you to develop, but you must enter the path that best supports your skills as a healer, and in the first instance, you would be wise to start with the essential oils business.

Love and an abundance of blessings. The Angels are so happy that you will be accepting your true path as a Healer and storyteller.

Claire xx

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