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This question was in part answered by one of my psychic development students as a training exercise.

When we first tuned into your question we felt like there was a big wall around you. In most cases these psychic walls appear because the client has some unconscious resistance about being read psychically.

In your case it didn’t feel like that sort of wall, it felt like we were tuning into the wall you have built around your heart for protection against further hurt. I also understand that you have been working on this for some time. And yes it must feel really annoying for it to be still there.

However on a positive note once upon a time the wall felt like it was built of concrete and now it appears energetically as thick material, not unlike velvet or coarse linen. It does still give the psychic appearance of being made of concrete until you dig a little deeper and see that it is the illusion of concrete and not the reality.

Beyond the wall we could both see you’re beautiful heart, beating strongly, rich in texture and feeling, and a deep vibrant red in colour.

Your heart is ready to explore new dimensions of your reality; in this case your work as a healer and coach, but you who are in control of your vulnerable heart still remembers the trauma of hurt from having your heart broken.

Your broken heart feels associated with 2 major relationships in your life, where you have given yourself to loving these people completely but have not been met as an equal, and they have rejected you for reasons that you still may not fully understand.

It is now time to fully appreciate the metaphysical perspective about the lessons that those karmic relationships have taught you.

In the past fear has overridden your ability to see the learning, and the critical mind has told you not to trust your heart-instincts because you will be hurt if you do, and that safety can only be secured behind the wall.

We felt there was also a need to forgive self for those relationships ending in the way they did. They were definitely life changing experiences, but there was nothing you could do to change the outcome, or destiny; it was exactly how it needed be.

No matter what has happened, this can never really destroy your heart’s truth, and your capacity to truly love another. Which can be transferred into the passion you have for your work and business, and an intimate relationship if you desire to have one. This is such an important thing to remember!

By accepting that those painful events in your life, and letting go of the trauma associated with them, the lessons learnt from those experiences will serve you well in your business as a healer/coach. In moving on from the past you have the potential to be truly openhearted and passionate in everything that you do.

This dearest one will truly make your heart sing, as there will be no need to have a wall around your wise and beautiful heart.

With love Claire and Nicole. xxx

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