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Hi Claire I am feeling torn between which direction to take. I have a great opportunity to create

Immediately upon reading your question I felt an overwhelming sense of relief. It seems the Angels are saying-‘yay’ to the idea of you finally getting into your writing.

You are much more of a creative thinker than you realize, and if you were to not express of your creativity as a writer; in time you will become a very unhappy person. (It feels like you are aware of this and in some ways already feeling the grief if you were not to write your books.)

It also feels you have been avoiding your writer-self, possibly because of the fear of failure, and of not being good enough. And other reasons, which the Angels are sure, you are aware of.

So it seems the time to get on with expressing your creativity as a writer is now. To establish a rhythm and be successful you would need to be prepared to show up everyday and do some writing. Whether it is for your book or to simply practice your craft. If you only write for one hour a day, you will possibly have a book written in a year.

Once you begin to show up everyday you will magically develop more faith in self, unlock your story and stay present in the moment to the writing. Being present to the unfolding of your story will help manage your fear of the future as a writer, an open the space for the story to come through more fluidly with less mind control.

The Angels are also aware that because it takes time to receive any money from your dedication as a writer. It is important that you seek part-time employment, this will alleviate any guilt you may feel about contributing to the financial well being of your family and it will also help with structure and in establishing a routine in your daily life.

The Angels are suggesting that because you have other skills in marketing etc, it is more likely that you will be successful at establishing a business as a writer, which can lead to many opportunities’ to sell your books, but to also become a speaker about the art of writing and or the subject matter of your books.

The Angels are also suggesting that once you have the writing of your book underway to enter as many writing competitions as you can. This can lead to many opportunities of prize money or open the doors to publishing houses viewing your work. However, the Angels do not want you to feel under pressure as you begin establishing your craft, but you can still be mindful by keeping an eye on the periphery of your reality for those sorts of opportunities.

The Angels wish you well in your endeavors and genuinely believe you have a gift, and it would be very sad if you did not give yourself permission to explore this gift.

Blessing and love


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