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Hi Claire I have Battled an anxiety phobic situation for 30 years which has stopped me enjoying many

Thank you for your question.

This message has come through directly from the angels-so here we go.

“Dearest One, we see your struggles and are very sorry that at times during your childhood you were abandoned. It is such a painful experience, as the child just doesn’t really understand what she did wrong to cause such events to occur.

We see that you are working well towards shifting and changing the trauma you experienced as a child and we commend you on your courage- as it takes a lot of courage to look into the past and dig up painful memories.

We would now like to suggest several things that may help your healing journey.

Firstly, with professional support it is important to get in touch with the feelings of shame and guilt that are underlying your anxiety, and work with the release of these immobilizing feelings. Shame is highly toxic as it can cause a lot of inflammation in your physical body. And a great deal of anguish and despair to your emotional and mental bodies.

As shame is often buried in the unconscious it is not a particularly easy emotion to deal with. However, to help it rise to the surface and be let go of, the trigger for its release is to work with helping the child to understand that whatever has happened to her, it was not her fault. It is the adult’s job in care of any child to behave appropriately and not the child’s responsibility to teach adults how to behave.

Your child is such a good child and her innate goodness knew exactly what was right and what was wrong. So when the child was faced with certain traumatic events, she was left feeling guilty and ashamed, because she was unable to stop something that was wrong from happening to her. No wonder your little one feels so burdened by her past, and has at times felt such acute levels of anxiety.

We feel working with this is an important key to changing the child’s perspective about being abandoned, as through the healing process you will have created a deeper allegiance to her, and she will be more able to trust that you will not put her in situations where she will be hurt in your future.

It will also align you to trust more deeply in your intuition. You have a very powerful intuition, but perhaps it is not something that you hold in high esteem, but we believe you will do so in the future.

We would also like to suggest that you keep up your practice of prayer. Prayer is a wonderful way to connect to self, the Earth and her abundance and also Universal intelligence. Strengthening these connections will help you feel more grounded, and being grounded helps when having to face any challenge that may come your way in the future.

We wish to offer you much love and many blessings for your healing journey ahead. We are forever watching over you, all you need to do is ask for our help and we will be with you in each step you take towards mastering self-love and conquering your hurt and sorrow.

With loving thanks,

the Angels."

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