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Hi Claire, I would love some advice on how to start my journey of communicating and working with Ang

Thank you for your question.

Firstly, I will give you some general guidance and secondly, I will see what your guardian Angels wish to advise you personally.

Praying is something that is a wonderful thing to get in the habit of doing. Having a prayer life is not about religion it’s about actively participating in developing ones faith, a very important thing to do as a spiritual seeker. Creating your own prayers is really empowering and not only helps you to stay connected to your intentions for life, but assists you in being mindful and present in each day. Praying can also be the means for developing a daily spiritual practice.

I would suggest you create a particular prayer that asks for ways for you to feel the energy of your guides, and some sort of physical indicator when they are around and wish to communicate with you.

For me I always know as I get a slight pain on the right side of my head - a bit weird, but it is how it has always been, and extremely helpful.

To amplify the power of your prayers, it is often best to do it in nature when time allows. Connecting to your guides through nature makes it so much easier to feel their presence and accept their healing energy and guidance. It is again amplified if you are in an aspect of nature that is most dear to your heart and you feel most comfortable in.

Naturally, this process takes practice and commitment, not unlike any new relationship.

Once you have become more comfortable with this process and have found your safe place for connecting; it is a great idea to have a journal or diary with you. You can use this to record your experiences, de-brief from any general emotional upsets and to also ask your angels for some practical guidance. To practice communicating directly with them simply ask a question, and without over thinking it, write down the answer through automatic writing. The more you practice this the more you will trust in the guidance, and in time the easier it will be to differentiate between their advice and how you would advise yourself. Naturally on occasion there may not be any information, however healing energy is always available and will often take you into a relaxed state of being if you allow it to.

On a personal level your guardian Angels are suggesting that you should also play with some of the Angel card decks that are available- this helps with connection and its an enjoyable thing to do. The other thing they are suggesting is that you attend some groups/courses that help with developing your intuition and or your psychic abilities. Often being in a group situation helps you feel the collective energies of the Angels more easily, and also enhances your abilities to communicate with other dimensions or reality. Plus it’s a lot of fun and very supportive to hang out with like-minded people.

They are also advising that you could do with a bit of emotional support from a healer, or counselor, or any other health professional you feel is appropriate; and maybe that is not something that you ask for easily. But there are some wonderful people out there that can guide you through those somewhat difficult passages of life that we all experience from time to time.

Freeing yourself up from hurt feelings and sad or regretful events that have occurred in your life will also help you to be clearer and more receptive to the support being offered to you by your Angels.

The Angels also want to remind you that you are deeply loved and that they are never far away. Deepening your conscious connection to them is something that they have also hoped for, and they are really looking forward to catching-up with you on a daily basis.

I hope this has helped? If you have anymore questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Love Claire xxx

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