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I am wondering if you could tune into our new puppy? We've had her for almost 3 weeks now and sh

Thank you for your question.

What a sweet girl your puppy is.

This is the information I received once I had tuned into her.

Although she is very much a welcome member of the family and will get along famously with her siblings, your children, she tells me she is very much your dog. And although all family members need to learn how to discipline her as she is at the bottom of the pack, she will mostly refer to you for leadership and commands.

She will be fiercely loyal to you and will watch out for you, and that instinct will grow as she matures and establishes her relationship with you. She also has a keen sense of her responsibilities as your dog and she will be devoted to wanting to please you.

I guess this could be both a joy and a bit of a burden, as you will be her go-to person, and will have the most authority over her, and therefore in some ways the most responsibility.

On the plus side, and there are lots of pluses, having her as your best buddy will be very good for your heart, as she has the potential to offer you a great deal of comfort and support during the good times and the not so good times.

It seems important to her that if you are able to acknowledge she belongs to you, she will settle in even more easily to the family system and routines.

To help with her food bowl perhaps sit with her while she has a few meals, this will help her feel safe and reassure her, particularly if she has hurt her mouth prior to you taking ownership of her. But it is also good to be aware that her mouth and nose do feel a little sensitive, but that can be overcome with helping her to feel safe.

I hope this info helps, not quite what I expected but you just never know what’s going to come up when you chat to animals.

With love Claire

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