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Hello angels, I really need some advice about finding a place to call home. My husband and I have a

Thank you for your question.

You have a lot going on and I appreciate it must be very hard not to feel confused and a little overwhelmed.

It feels that you and your husband have slightly different ancestral roots; adding to the difficulty in really knowing where your homelands are geographically. It feels your heart still yearns for the US or Canada, even though you have some Celtic roots. And your husband’s heart is still very much attached to Scotland and the UK.

Although this may not cause conflict in your marriage, it may cause difficulty in being able to make a unanimous decision about where to live and where to invest your money.

You may believe you feel happy to live in Scotland, because of your Celtic roots, but until you finally let go of your longing to live in the US, you may find it hard to actually settle into a new home and a new location.

Although your husband could easily find work in the US, it is not the best place for him to reach his highest potential. And although you would find personal happiness in the US, it feels unlikely that you would be able to settle there permanently.

However because of your many past life connections to that country, you have the potential as a writer to experience fame and wealth in the US market place. And because it is your highest potential to be a writer you can fulfill both your purpose and ease your hearts longing to return to the US via your story telling. (I also realize you may not have been aware that your heart is still energetically connected to some of the very happy past lives you have had in that country. I don’t want you to disconnect from them, as they enrich your present life whether you are conscious of their impact or not. But you do need to accept that in this life you will connect to the US in a different way than you did in other lives.)

I believe what you need to do now is make a commitment to writing, make no excuses and get on with it. Once you get into a rhythm of writing, your new home and its location will come to you more easily. Initially I see you renting a property and I also see someone very wise that you and your husband may already know, or will meet very shortly that will give you excellent investment advice.

I also believe you have a good chance of selling the property you presently own quite easily, once your heart accepts returning to the US is not the best option for your family at this time in your lives and by also renewing your faith in your next writing project.

Having said all that I think it is important for the healing of your feminine wounding, both present life and ancestrally, to return home to Australia for a visit while your aging mother is still well enough to participate in relationship with you and your child. And ideally it would be best next year in 2016.

Healing the feminine is vital to the ongoing success of your writing, developing your intuition as a parent, and for your soul’s highest potential.

The Angels also want me to remind you that although you have lost faith in yourself as a writer it doesn’t’ mean you shouldn’t write. In continuing your writing you will in time overcome any doubts and uncertainties about your abilities. You have not failed, as your writing career is only just beginning, and has the potential to take you into your old age.

Much love and many blessings-

Claire xxx

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