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This isn’t my typical blog post. However I felt inspired to share my experiences when I attended a beautiful Palomino horse named Billie, who was a little out of sorts. With permission from my client, here is the outline of my conversation with him and the healing that followed for him and his owner.

The drive to see Billie was not all that far away from my home and I had been really looking forward to attending to him. In fact, it proved to be the highlight of my week.

I am very aware that there is a process that needs to take place before you visit any animal. Firstly you need to ask permission to enter the land on which the animal resides and secondly if there is more than one animal on a property or in a household permission also needs to be granted by the alpha animal; or pack leader.

Before I arrived to attend to Billie, I did feel waves of anxiety moving though my body, naturally, checking to see if it was my own, I soon realised it was Billlie’s. I was pleased that he was already having a reaction to the healing energy I had been sending him and was hopeful that things would shift for him by the end of the session.

After being with him for about 5 minutes I realised he was a little stubborn and resistant to giving me more information about his troubles. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust me; animals, like humans, have fears about revealing their secrets and also fears about letting stuff go. So although this was true for Billie, it was also obvious that the Pack leader was not sure about me continuing to work with Billie. In this case, the leader was a beautiful mare, which had taken on the role of surrogate Mother to Billie, and it was reasonable that she needed to check me out before I could continue. Subsequently, I met her and spend some time with her and we had a little chat. Once she was okay with me, I was allowed to continue the healing process. That exchange was also very sweet and her love for Billie was very touching.

You must understand, that this all occurs through subtle shifts in energy. With horses, even for those not psychic can often ‘see it’ as waves of energy ripple over the animal's body. It is truly wonderful to witness, as the shift in feelings happen so smoothly- so effortlessly. Such a learning for all of us, if only we could let go so easily!!

Back to Billie: Billie had felt he was unwanted, because he had been sold by his previous owner, who genuinely was heart broken to give him up. And further, another recent owner had been absent from his life, because she was living interstate for several months.

On the contrary, the reality is he is absolutely wanted and certainly the present owner felt in incredible pain because she had had to leave Billie for some months while she attended to other matters elsewhere. She was plagued by guilt at leaving him. However since her return she had been doing everything to make-up to him for her absence. And although he was allowing her into his reality, he was holding back from completely trusting her, and was yet unable to forgive her.

My work was to find a place for them to resolve those issues, for her to no longer feel guilty and for him to forgive her for giving him the impression she didn’t really want him, and for him to also trust that she would not abandon him again.

Co-incidentally, the young owner (who is so aware at such a young age,) recognised that she also feels unwanted, something that she is committed to healing. And although Billie had his own hurts, he is innately carrying her emotional pain as well.

It seems a part of any animals’ evolutionary process to try and heal their owner’s hurt, by carrying their pain for them; something you can’t completely stop an animal from doing.

A part from the other things the owner is doing personally to heal from her past hurts, their developing friendship and the love they have for each other will really support her in resolving any feelings of being unwanted.

Meanwhile, Billie started to become more and more relaxed and once again you could ‘see’ the energy shifting over his body as he let-go; and then without much ado he simply offered his owner absolute forgiveness! Wow- another lesson to be learnt from witnessing that exchange!

Then Billie became a little more chatty, firstly he wanted me to tell the owner that she needed to trust herself more when riding him, (she had lots of doubts, mostly in her skill level) and that he was born to be ridden and wanted to be ridden more if possible.

Also that he likes the other names that he was given, and wanted his full name to be used on occasion. Consequently, "Billie the Kid- I thank you for your love and the appreciation you showed me after we had a chat. I could definitely feel the love.

"However, what pulled at my heartstrings the most, was witnessing the purity of love in your eyes as you gazed at your beautiful owner once the process was complete.

A moment I will never forget.

"She is very lucky to have you and you are extremely lucky to have her in your life. May you both forge a path of happiness, loyalty and a trusting friendship.

"Many Blessings to you both, now and always."

PS, I now have a bit of a crush on Billie, so handsome and such a honey!

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