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Dear Claire, How can we open our hearts, especially after deep hurt, and keep our hearts tender and

It is natural to experience varied emotions after being hurt. And it is also natural that your heart would find it difficult to remain open until you recover or are working towards recovering from the hurt. Generally the heart will find it easier to re-open to love when the hurt has been validated and that there is effort being made to heal your past.

Part of your commitment to recovery will require you to attend to any unresolved feelings of anger, shame, guilt, grief and fear associated with your hurt and the person/ or persons you feel hurt by.

Because recovering from hurt is a process that requires commitment, it is sometimes a struggle to let go, often because many people are a little lazy and or prefer to blame others for their pain and suffering.

By working towards your part in the co-creation of the hurt you are accepting responsibility for how over time you have also hurt others.

Naturally with any personal development process you need to be conscientious in your practice of letting go by attending to the hurt regularly and with support and lots of self -nurturing you will recover.

The tricky thing is that you also need to identify what you believe you deserve to experience when in relationships. On the surface most people say they want to have happy, healthy and loving relationships, and that is truly what every human being ultimately deserves to experience.

However it is not necessarily what happens. As other factors such as a lack of self-worth, low self-esteem, sabotage, feelings of not being good enough and so on, really do get in the way when trying to create successful relationships. And generally speaking when those relationships end they end in hurt, or if people stay together under those circumstances the relationships are very likely to become highly dysfunctional.

Although others have hurt you it is a really good thing to also examine how you hurt yourself everyday by believing your either not enough, or that you are unlovable and or unworthy. These beliefs are more likely to shut your heart down, disallowing tenderness and true spiritual love to sustain your heart and your spiritual journey in this lifetime.

When you heal those negative core beliefs you will find that the old ways of being start to crumble and the face of your reality will begin to change. For some change can happen overnight and for others it will take a little longer. However you experience the changes, you must remember to have faith in the vision that in time you will feel safe to give love to others, and that you are deserving of receiving the most purest and tender love in return.

The Angels are also saying that one of the things you have come here to learn in this lifetime is how to make peace with yourself.

They are also saying that anything you do towards consciously participating in making peace is a step towards realizing your soul potential. And to remember that the quality of relationship that you have with self, determines the quality of relationship you have with humanity and the Mother Earth and her nature.

I hope this has helped you.

Lots of love, Claire xxx

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