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A Voice of Reason 12 I asked the Angels this morning, "What can we expect on an Emotional an

Thank you for your question!

Over the next few months you can expect to feel the shadow weighing on your hearts.

For many, feeling into their shadow is really scary as there is the potential to be faced with a vast spectrum of uncomfortable emotions that will require your attention. It is not our intention to make you afraid of the feelings that you will uncover in your journey inward.

In fact if you can stay present to those feelings and not judge them as either good or bad, then you are very likely to feel quite happy, regardless of the process you are undertaking.

The reason there is a need for you to dig deeper into the more shadowy parts of self, once again, is to help you find freedom from any limiting thoughts and judgements that you may have about yourself and others.

Perhaps many may feel this is an odd way to make those adjustments to your thought patterns. However as a human being it is necessary from time to time to face your shadow as a means to expanding your conscious awareness and breaking old patterns of behaviour.

For some, the shadow will feel heavier than for others. It is important not to become a victim to your own shadow. Please try and remember that you a have a choice about how you wish to be once you have journeyed the darkness.

Therefore it is particularly important to not overly identify with your wounding by believing your wounding is who you are. It is not, it is something that you have experienced in your life, which can be healed and changes can be made to how you see yourself personally, in community and the world at large.

It is true that the Essence of your spirit/soul may feel buried under your wounding. However, your spirit is retrievable and well worth the effort it requires to resurrect it.

Your journey through the shadow is not just one of discovering the hurt that has been done to you, but also owning the hurt you may have caused others.

By revisiting your shadow willingly, it is providing a conscious platform for you to find forgiveness for self and compassion for others.

You are a child of the Divine and it is more likely that you will begin to reconnect to this by clearing any painful memories associated with your past.

On a more personal level, for anyone suffering the effects of any sexual wounding that has occurred either in childhood or as an adult, then the shadow may indeed feel heavier for you during this time.

Do not despair; see this is another opportunity for you to grow and develop and become whole again. Universal healing energies are very much present, encouraging you to face your sexual wounding.

As shame and guilt are often a by-product of any form of sexual wounding, it is often more difficult to feel worthy of seeking counsel when memory and pain are re-surfacing.

Whether you are the victim or the perpetrator you deserve help to heal the hurt and alter any need to hurt and punish others.

We also sense that is will be particularly strong for men during this time, the more assistance you can get, the easier the transformation. Assistance can come through information, books and articles, through professional counselling. For men, finding a local men’s group to share your pain will help you to not be isolated as you explore the darkness within.

And generally, it is a good idea to do some good solid exercise to shift any toxic energy that has become stuck because of your fears, unworthiness and self-judgements.

I know exercise can often be the last thing that will be on your mind during these times. But remember any effort will be well worth it during any process you undertake to heal the human condition. Because as you heal so do others. And it is also very important to not lose hope that one day your inner child will feel safe enough to be the divine child it was always meant to be, in mind, body and spirit.

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