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Dear Claire While I feel there are so many positive and beautiful things flowering in my life, and s

Thank you for your question.

Gosh I can really feel your hearts desire to want to do well financially and create some financial stability for you and your family.

I love that you are so determined and willing to address any issues that may be blocking your way to success. What you are already doing are the first steps to creating abundance, which is fantastic.

So the next step is for you to address your feelings of not believing your good enough, yes that old chestnut. Everyday you can tell yourself that you are enough, but I don’t always find that sustainable or that it creates significant change to long held negative beliefs.

I suggest that through journaling you can uncover where you can began to believe that about yourself and who the principle person was in your life that most criticized you when you were growing up.

I also feel it would be a good idea to take the time on at least one occasion to sit quietly and as you are relaxing into your breathing ask to be shown a particular incident that occurred in your childhood where you were left feeling inadequate.

You do not have to necessarily go back to every occasion where you felt those feelings. By working with one or two memories, you have the opportunity to change your reaction to the situation by affirming to the inner child that she is enough and that in most situations where she was made to feel inadequate, it wasn’t really about her. Sadly, she was being dumped on by some of the adults in her life. And in your case I feel it was mostly coming from your mother. I am not blaming your mother for all you’re hurt; however she has definitely contributed by being critical and also by being unable to be present to you during your childhood. As you continue to work through these issues your heart will naturally open to feeling compassion and understanding for your mother, and in time you will also be able to forgive her.

On another note I imagine that during your life you have probably attracted others into your life who have taken advantage of you because you have felt not good enough. And I imagine this has caused further hurt and has probably reinforced the negative beliefs that you have about yourself.

I feel if you work with what I have suggested it may give rise to other memories of adult relationship experiences that may require you to seek further resolution and healing. By healing these adult wounds you will find the compassion required for self to be able to let go and to stop others from treating you badly in the future.

From this day forward the new affirmation for your heart to open to self- belief is – I AM ENOUGH! I AM GOOD ENOUGH!!

The Angels are also reminding me to tell you, that as you release your pain and change those old thought patterns it will help you to hear more clearly what the Great Mother is calling your Soul to do in this lifetime. They also wish you much love and abundance as you seek financial stability. Improving your finances will also help to ground you to this earth and to your body.

Love Claire xxx

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