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I felt moved to ask you a question because years ago you said I should write, and it is the one thin

Thank you for your question.

Firstly, congratulations for taking those first steps into to the world of writing and publishing, it takes a lot of courage. And I am quite convinced as a budding writer myself that, in fact, writing in whatever form it takes is only for the brave hearted and for those of us who are willing to be challenged at a very deep emotional level.

I am sorry to hear that you have been unwell, however your illness is a part of the recipe as you birth the writer from within. Yes you may wonder why on earth you would create such a debilitating flu. But try and be compassionate toward self, as writing does seem to dig up lots of emotional pain and often the physical body only seems to be able to process the intensity of that pain through illness.

In your case I really feel your flu has been trying to assist you to let go of your feelings of unworthiness. Yes, that old chestnut. But please trust me when I sa,y you are not alone in that, as everyone experiences those feelings, especially when stepping out into unknown territory.

Apart from continuing to write your book, try to consciously work with your feelings of unworthiness. As you know, hurt can sabotage progress. And it would be very sad if you gave up on your idea, because it feels really good to have a cookbook, which involves your local community as well. Further, from a marketing viewpoint it could really help with tourism.

As your unworthiness shifts, your faith in the project will deepen and your newfound confidence will help to get the project completed with the same sense of magic that ignited the idea in the first place.

So please don’t give up.

The Angels are also saying this will not be the first book you will write, however you will need some time to finish this one and launch it, which is also a huge process. You will also find your way towards other ideas for books through the many different circumstances you experience in everyday life. Basically, you will happen upon other ideas unexpectedly and somehow all things will align for you to create stories around that. All you have to do is learn to trust in the organic nature of your creativity and when you're not being creative in some form or another, remind yourself to keep reconnecting to it as much as is possible.

You, like many creative people, can become quite depressed when not expressing your creativity. Generally speaking creative people can also become very fearful about their survival and their place in the world. Which naturally can lead to self-doubt, sabotage and unworthiness.

The Angels wish you well in this writing project and also want to remind you about really opening up your imagination about how you can sell your book. It seems imagination is your key to successful marketing and in having a bountiful number of sales. Everything you imagine can become a reality. Trust, and keep working with your unworthiness and you will definitely create success in the marketplace.

And make sure you get a good distributor.

I wish you well with your project and look forward to hearing about your other writing projects in the future.

Lots of love and many blessings,

Claire xxx

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