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Dear Claire, I am currently plagued with doubts; mainly on how much energy, both financial and emoti

Thank-you for your question

The Angels are telling me that you should not give up on your ‘hobby,’ as it is often in those times of doubt that you are in fact getting close to having a breakthrough.

I am also being told that although outwardly you appear to be very confident, there seems to be some unworthiness about what you deserve generally and also in the world of acting.

Addressing self-worth can be a tricky business because it is not always easy to get to the root cause of it.

I would suggest that it began some time ago; around the time you were leaving your teenage years behind and heading into your twenties.

That may seem a long way to look back on your life, but I would suggest it is well worth revisiting that period and reflecting on how your sense of worth and value came under threat and by whom.

It is not necessarily about blaming someone for the way you feel, but identifying that when you were around certain people they did little to contribute to your sense of worth and diminished the value in what you were contributing to the world at the time.

After you have given this some thought it would then be good to feel if you still give your power away to that person or persons, even if they no longer have a significant place in your present life.

Only you can answer those questions honestly. And when you do you should be able to shift things relatively easily. Your sense of worth will definitely improve, and you will have more energy to focus on fulfilling your desires. As the energy you once gave away to feelings of unworthiness will no longer be as draining on your heart.

The Angels are also saying that this is the perfect time for you to be putting in a lot of effort into developing your hobby, and that you are well worth the time and money that is being spent.

They wish you well and are watching over you as you explore your potential talent and harness the courage it takes to put yourself out there in the public arena.

Much love and many blessings.


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