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My husband and I have been trying for a baby for over 4 years now, including several failed attempts

Thank you for your question and I am sorry that you haven’t had success so far with sustaining a pregnancy.

Firstly your husband feels a little depressed, he may not believe that he is, it feels that he needs some support, even acknowledging that it exists is a good beginning. What he does to help overcome it will be up to him. I don’t feel it will be long lasting, just a hurdle on the pathway of life, although I do appreciate it can feel pretty awful when your stuck inside the depression.

I feel when he is through it, he will be able to recommit to supporting you by getting back to work and with having a baby.

I can see the spirit of a child hovering over you, and your intuition is aware of the presence of this energy, which will increase your sense of longing.

It is as if the energy of the baby is pushing down on you, urging the mother within to prepare and open up to conceiving new life.

I understand it must be extremely frustrating ‘knowing’ a child is wanting to be a part of your life and not necessarily knowing the right next step for that to happen.

I cannot advise necessarily the right course of action but I can advise you not to give-up, not yet. There is still time and I feel hopeful that new life can come to you.

I also feel while you are looking for surrogacy options if your able to do one more IVF process that could be a good thing to do. I know the emotional impact all the procedures have probably had upon you and your husband, so I hope you are getting the emotional support you need. If you haven’t been able to find a suitable counselor then keep looking, as you will both need support if you go through either IVF or a surrogate.

The Angels are also saying that through some painful physical experiences you had earlier in your life, it set a precedent where you now have very little trust in the innate intelligence of your body. Basically there is a belief that your body will fail you and let you down.

The loss of faith in your physicality has become even stronger due to the failed IVF procedures.

The Angels highly recommend that you attend to this lack of trust, by examining some of those things that happened to you to cause such a loss of faith in your physicality.

The Angels feel there is someone that can help you with this particular issue; by resolving it, which they believe you can, it will support you enormously in whatever path you choose when you are next trying to have a child.

When there is a lack of trust in any area of your life, fear creeps in and can potentially undermines all the other things you have done to remain positive and hopeful about your life and your future.

The Angels implore you heal this issue with someone you can trust, in a nurturing and supportive environment.

All will be well, and once you have overcome the hurt that is buried within, you will have more energy, more hope and a lot more faith in your physicality and about your life in the future

I hope this has been helpful, if you should require further help please do not hesitate to ask.

God bless and much love to you,

Regards Claire

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