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I asked the angels this morning- how can we best heal our wounded child so that we can rediscover th

Thank-you for your question we are always happy to offer guidance.

Every person has many different experiences of wounding based not only on their childhoods but also what they carry generationally (Ancestral Wounding).

However, generally speaking, the best place to start when wanting to heal the child is to develop a relationship by ‘hanging out’ with him/her in some small way each day. Initially, all you have to do is ask the child how she is feeling and use a journal to write the answer. Each time you ask that question, your child will begin to trust you, as it will affirm to the child that you are genuinely concerned about her feelings and are willing to give her the attention she requires to heal.

Over time more will be revealed about her hurt and very likely the memories of events that created the hurt will also rise to the surface. Some events you may have forgotten, and although this may be confronting, it is a necessary part of the process to purge repressed memory, hidden in the unconscious.

As your relationship develops by discovering what is going on in her emotional world, you will then need to determine if you require support to help the child let go of her pain in a supportive and caring environment with a health professional.

A professional counsellor/healer will also help you identify any negative patterns of behaviour that have resulted in your childhood wounding, and provide some guidance as to how to make changes.

The other thing you can do to counter balance the discovery of the child’s hurt is to participate in being more playful, creative; such as going to a dance class, performing an act of kindness when you can, and/or on occasion being completely silly. Or anything else that you can think of that will connect you to your inner child in a joyful way.

These things help you separate the child from her hurt and allow the inner child the freedom to do things he/she may feel she missed out on in her childhood. This does not mean that you are suddenly going to become childish, but it will allow you to enjoy the simple things and be present in the now, which is very much about what all childhoods should be like.

Be warned that when you begin this process you may in the first instance not feel that warm or loving toward your inner child. You may in fact blame her for the way you feel and for the bad things that have happened to you in your life.

If this is how you feel, please do not feel ashamed of those feelings, as they are natural.

However, in time and if you persist, you will start to feel more compassion and understanding for the child, and eventually you will fall in love with him/him.

Once a more loving relationship develops, you will know that the journey of healing was well worth it. Your self-esteem will be stronger, your confidence renewed and your boundaries will be more firmly in place. You are also more likely to know exactly what you need in relationships and what you feel you deserve to experience as you continue to live your life.

We believe healing the inner child is fundamental to the general well-being of your emotional, mental and physical health, and as a means to connect to the magical child, and to the heart of the divine within.

Blessings and much love,

The Angels.

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