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I am currently working in the health and wellness industry. Helping people with their health and fit

Thank you for your question.

As I am tuning in I do feel you are on the right path with your business, naturally with any new business there is still quite a lot of work to be done to get it to the level of success that you hope for. You also feel enthusiastic and seem to have a lot of energy for creating success, which is great. At times if you experience any doubt that is perfectly normal. Those feelings will pass relatively easily if you don’t become too invested in the fear that doubt creates.

Having said that it feels that in about 6-12 months your heart energy is going to shift, not in a way that will force you to lose your passion for what you are doing, but there will be a desire to want to expand your knowledge regarding health and nutrition. This may require further study and or training. It maybe something that you thought you had done enough of, but it will be something that will spark your interest so much you will be wondering why you hadn’t thought of doing it before.

You will absolutely love the study and training as it will ignite new ideas and boost your creativity in your business and in the long term expand your client base, exponentially.

Initially you may feel some resistance but the angels are asking you to trust in where your heart wishes to take you. Sometimes in life it is so much easier to be lead by the mind, the balance between mind and heart is so important when creating a business that relates to wellness. It requires the mind for the practical aspects and the heart to sustain the passion for wanting to help people.

Your further studies and training will support your passionate purpose in life, which is to be of service to others especially those that are being challenged by life. All will be well as you continue to trust in your instincts and allow your inner knowing to guide you in life and in business.

The Angels are also reminding you that you have such a good heart and that you have a strong sense of integrity in all that you do. They are watching over you and say you can call upon them at anytime, but even more so at those times when you struggling to make decisions.

I hope this has been of help to you.

Much love and many blessings,


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