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I’ve been working in a pressurized corporate environment for 5 years now and am constantly feeling d

Thank you for your question.

When I first read your question I felt an enormous amount of tension release from my heart. That suggests to me that leaving your current job is an excellent idea. I don’t believe you are lazy or being foolish. It feels like the perfect time to change directions with your work, and a time in your life where feeling passionate about what you are doing is of the utmost importance.

You also seem to be the perfect type of person to be self-employed as you have the ability to be focused, disciplined and are goal orientated.

Furthermore, I think it’s a great idea to spend the time focusing on your new work full-time if you can, be warned there will be times you will feel afraid and have self-doubt, try not to give into those feelings as they are the emotional challenges that everyone faces when stepping into unknown territory.

I am not sure if you have worked out the specific areas you wish to target for your coaching market. Try to be really clear about this, it may take some time to find that clarity, but when you do it feels you are going to really create some great programs and do some excellent marketing when selling them.

I also see you working with men as well as women, I hope this is not confronting for you as I see you doing really well with them. They will benefit from what you are offering and will be very appreciative of the help you give them.

The Angels are asking you to have trust and faith in your skills and to remain confident in the decisions you have made thus far to change careers.

Try to be present in each day and be mindful of any thoughts and feelings that may try to sabotage the way forward.

Additionally, the Angels are suggesting that when you initially stop work you may need a little holiday to re-charge your batteries before you begin your new career. Please try not to feel guilty about resting. In the long term that rest and relaxation will serve you well, as you will have more energy to focus on the tasks at hand. Also many people that come to you for coaching will probably be experiencing burnout and if you know how to deeply rest, you will be able to support your client’s recovery really well.

If you have not personally found ways to rest deeply, then that is something that may also be worth finding out about. Self-nurturing is one of the keys to keeping creativity alive and for sustaining your passion for life and your work.

I hope this has been of some help; please don’t hesitate to ask for further assistance if you need some.

Much love and many blessings,

Claire xxx

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