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I run my own business as a naturopath and have done so for the past 10 years. For 8 years I ran a cl

Thank-you for your question.

In the very present moment you feel really tired and bit worn down by those times when there has been a lack of success. And I am not surprised; for when we are passionate about our work there should be a feeling of ease and flow.

In principle, often our success and money making skills are very much influenced by our relationships with our fathers. Our fathers lead us into the world and hopefully help us to feel safe. You may want to investigate how you were affected by the way your father handled money and also positioned himself in the workplace.

On the inner landscape of your emotional world it seems that your inner masculine is very much a healer, that is not a bad thing, in fact it is really lovely, as he feels well qualified in his work and has such a tender heart.

And this is where more of your issues with success lie. Many healers don’t understand this thing called money and your healer also seems particularly awkward around receiving any notoriety about ‘his’ work.

He is not particularly wounded as such, however when he began healing many lifetimes ago, helping others was not paid for with money, but through gratitude. Also most healers unconsciously hold the belief that you can’t charge for doing God’s work. Which is extremely annoying I must say.

I am not surprised that you moved into coaching, as that was the logical next step to help change the consciousness of the inner healer, by teaching others what you know. And the healer is trying to find ways to channel his skills through you into the market place, but it is frustrating as he is yet to fully show you his worth.

The feminine has the archetype of the scientist, also a good thing. However the question is how do we blend these two parts of self to have a more successful outcome in your work.

So my suggestion is that although having an online business can be fun, as it creates more variety. In your case it should only be done alongside work where you actually connect to people physically. The inner scientist may have enjoyed working online but the inner healer needs physical contact to actualize his work in the world. Although in present time you may not wish to do hands on healing as such, the healer has great faith in the benefits of connecting with people physically. It also doesn’t mean that you have to open a clinic, venues, as you know can be hired on one off occasions for events.

Naturally with any business you have to have a product or a formulae, which you can guarantee to your clients to have good outcomes and that you have confidence in selling.

And you may already have that, however I do feel if you can get more in touch with the inner healer, by understanding more about his skills and then developing them. There is huge potential for new ideas about what you can offer your clients and whom your target market is, to change significantly and to broaden your client base substantially. Naturally you will need your inner feminine to help market these ideas and to accept the healer and trust in his skill set.

Also your inner feminine is quite practical and logical about money and actually doesn’t have such an issue about charging people for her expertise. Probably the work you have done thus far has helped her more than you think. As the healer is your conscience and he has issues about money and success, using his skills more in your work will keep him occupied while the feminine manages the creation of the income.

When you define the qualities of your inner healer and allow him to be in balance with your inner feminine it will be lovely to witness how your creativity and enthusiasm will suddenly feel much more juicy and alive.

I really feel new ideas and the ways to implement those ideas will really start to enliven you to create change. It will also restore your faith in self, to have hope for your future success, and to realize more fully your potential as a healer and teacher in the world.

I hope this has been of help to you.

Much Love and many Blessings,

Claire XXX

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