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A Voice of Reason Today I asked the Angels about what we can do to enhance the quality of our soul

Thank-you for your question.

The journey of the human Soul is to find your unique way to be an expression of Divine love. Therefore filled with an infinite number of possibilities and potential in how to master this.

It is not about serving the ego or boosting the ego of others, it is simple and tender, vulnerable and loving; devoid of any need for drama and conflict.

It would be remiss of us not to inform you about the folly of having too big of a plan or about being too controlling in how you believe you will achieve self-actualisation. Not because we are preparing you for failure, but showing you that in your hurry to achieve self- awareness, many forget to stay in the moment and simply be kind to self and others.

Any small act of kindness may help someone from falling into the darkness of depression or bring a renewal of faith, when faith has been lost.

If you believe that the bigger the vision the more successful the life will be, then you might be disappointed and it may lead to sabotage, and feelings of failure. Keep it simple, as simplicity is manageable. If you can sustain the simplicity of being kind in each day you live, then over time you can extend your kindness to include more people and create more ways to show kindness.

Being kind in each day will reward you with feelings of contentment and comfort during your life and offer great support once you arrive at the end of your life.

Humility is also a key component to manifesting your human Soul Path. Humility is an elevated expression of human consciousness that if your heart can open to it as energy rather than an emotion, it has the capacity to nurture your heart and inspire you in how to create personal and global change.

You may ask how do I allow humility to be an expression of my consciousness? It is simple; firstly be kind to self by making the choice to let go of the burdens of selfishness.

And to do that you would need to believe in the intrinsic value of healing your emotional wounding and taking responsibility for changing any dysfunctional behaviour that you may have adopted as a result of that wounding.

By investigating your inner pain you will in time reconnect to the Universal Wisdom carried in the heart of your soul. As you integrate that knowing, it will be your guide, your directive to honour your contract with the Divine, by being kind, compassionate and humble in each day that you live.

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