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I have carried the feeling for a long time of being 'resistant to life'. I have a loving fam

Thank you for your question.

The angels are saying that you have never really felt safe to be here. It seems that you came into life with that feeling and it was further developed in childhood through a number of traumatic events that you witnessed and others that you physically endured.

It is an interesting issue to overcome, but one that can certainly be healed and things can change quite dramatically in a short space of time, even though you have felt this way for most of your life.

It also indicates that by a willingness to overcome this challenge you are readying your self more fully to share your innate gifts with the world and to be more present to life and all that is available for you to manifest in the future.

The Angels are suggesting that you take the time to either seek professional help to clear the paradigms of belief around these issues, and or through your own psychic talents try to find those past lives that initiated the belief that you will feel unsafe when having a physical life.

Some of those lifetimes feel a long time ago and there are others that are relatively recent. It feels that you have done some of this type of work before and although any work you do on your core issues creates change, it is often not until you re-visit them at the perfect time astrologically that those issues shift in a much more significant and life changing way. Your time to bring significant change is very close at hand. And there will be a recognisable difference of feelings by your next birthday.

The angels feel confident that you will be able to access most of the past life information necessary to deepen your understanding of why you feel unsafe. If not, then seek professional support to assist you in collecting and deciphering the information.

Some past lives that you can expect to find are around the use and misuse of power, persecution, fear of judgment, loss and abandonment, being ostracised from community and disconnection from Divine love.

The other thing that is being shown to me is that because of your sensitive nature, sitting at times on the periphery of your reality and observing life has helped to protect you against feeling all of humanitys' pain and suffering. Unfortunately this can be one of the downfalls of being a gifted and psychically sensitive person.

Once you do feel safe to be here, you will find other means to protect yourself from feeling others pain and create good psychic boundaries if you choose to work with people during their healing processes.

The Angels are also suggesting that you try and document all information that you access, it may create some interesting reading and be a good resource to help others heal their feelings of being unsafe when in a physical life.

I hope this is helpful.

Much love and an abundance of blessings,


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