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I am trying to decide whether or not to return to Australia so my 4 year old daughter can be with he

Thank-you for your question

Firstly I am really sorry that you have experienced such hardship, what you have been through feels very traumatic. And it is quite amazing that you are doing so well considering the stress.

I agree that the Australian lifestyle would suit you and in time you would probably regain full health.

However be under no illusion if you make that decision to return that the father of your child will be able to maintain his role in the ways you want him to.

He is still unpredictable and potentially unreliable and no amount of begging from his part determines positive or permanent change in his personality or his behavior.

I realize you are a very good person and it would be very sad to deprive your child of the opportunity to have a relationship with him. However if you do return it would have to be conditional to him having counseling and perhaps the both of you having counseling together to work out the boundaries necessary to have some sort of ongoing and stable friendship as you co-parent.

If you return with no expectations your life could flow very well here.

But before you make a final decision you do need to get well, as moving is very stressful and moving countries is even more stressful. Your return to health could take at least another 6 months, take the time you need, do not be bullied or coerced by this man. Your health and well being, determines the overall health of your child and her feelings of being safe.

If you decide to stay where you are there is no question that in time you will meet another man and certainly as your child gets older you will be freer to also establish yourself in a bigger circle of friends, in work and also it feels in business.

Essentially what I am saying is that you will not miss out- so don’t worry.

I would also highly recommend to speak with your family. I say this because you mentioned your family had not been that helpful. While you are recovering perhaps you can meet with them and ask what you need in terms of support. Maybe they won’t be able to help, but the clearer you are about your needs the more likely it is that people can step in and do something. Anything towards your recovery would be extremely helpful.

Perhaps take the time to ask friends as well.

The Angels are also reminding me to tell you that your life is about relationships, which probably comes as no surprise. However you also have a relationship to fulfill with success, financial, personal, and vocational and in a future marriage. Although your recent experiences over the past 4 years have been turbulent they do not have to determine the rest of your life. The Angels are asking you to have faith and trust that in time you can put the past behind you, and move gracefully into the next stage of your journey; your soul’s path, to develop a higher consciousness and to express your new awareness through service and compassion.

I hope this has been of some help to you.

Much love and blessings,


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