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Dear Claire, I am surrounded by abundance, my daughter is an abundance magnet, I have an abundance o

Dearest One, The Angels are telling me that your poverty consciousness has been passed onto you through your maternal lineage.

It seems that through your continued personal development work your daughter has not inherited the same struggles.

I realise poverty is a strong word because you have great wealth in so many areas of your life. However in order for us to convey our message we will continue to refer to your struggle with money as poverty consciousness.

It would be also natural for you to have assumed that the cause of your struggles comes from a lack of self worth, and in part this is true. However ancestral wounding is more complex than this and probably the reason why you have found it so difficult to get to the bottom of your lack in the area of money.

As we have said Ancestral wounding is a complex issue. But one that can be resolved through commitment and a willingness to see the reasons why you have that arrangement with your maternal lineage. Many remain involved in these old arrangements as it is often the only way they know how to show love and loyalty to their loved ones. If they lose that emotional connection it can feel very frightening as it raises the question about what connection will they have left.

Naturally, thinking rationally, there will be many other wonderful virtues that you have personally inherited from your mother and those are what would be helpful to focus on.

What is also important is that you take the time to ponder why you have this arrangement still place and what has it taught you thus far in your life. No one can let anything go successfully until they have an understanding about what their ancestral wounding is teaching them. Once you have taken the time to sort out these big questions then you need to decide if you are not just willing to let your attachment to your ancestors go, but also feel if you have the capacity to do so. If you need help to find that objectivity them seek professional support.

Once you have reached an understanding of the why and worked on letting it go you can then dissolve the contract you have with your maternal ancestors. For example you could literally write out what you believe the contract has been, sign off on it as being completed and then burning the paper you have written it on. These physical acts actually help in letting go of the old and assist in energetically opening the door for the new way to begin.

The angels are also asking me to tell you to not lose faith in yourself or your abilities to change your feelings of poverty into a knowing that you can create much wealth to sustain your physical life. Things are ever changing, you just need to take the time to keep pushing through those obstacles that are at present blocking your way forward.

I sincerely hope this is of help to you.

Love and Blessings- Claire

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