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A VOICE OF REASON Today I was contemplating the concept of forgiveness, something that we are suppos

Thank-you for your question we are happy to help you in whatever way that we can.

Forgiveness is a ‘man’ made emotional response that can free you from the trauma of past situations where you have been controlled by another, (victim) or have tried to control others, (victimisation.) And although this is true, we do not wish you to despair that if you are unable to forgive at the time of realisation it doesn’t necessarily have to hold you back from creating the changes you desire to your existing paradigm of reality.

During any juncture of your emotional processing, it is okay not to have felt forgiving. Learning how to forgive is a journey that is intricately woven into the fabric of your personal and spiritual development pathway and therefore requires further investigation into ‘self’ to master it.

It can also be a setback if your mind convinces you that you have forgiven when you haven’t. Falsifying forgiveness is burdensome to the heart and can cause a further stain on your conscience.

Any past experiences that have caused hurt or you to hurt others can be revisited to ‘test’ if you have been able to forgive, if not, then once again let go and revisit it on another occasion.

As you journey towards being able to forgive, your relationship with integrity will deepen, which will assist your evolutionary process and bring the necessary changes to old ways of being in a more subtle way.

Forgiveness also requires patience. Eventually you will find your heart has found the capacity to be forgiving and the ‘story’ associated with your past will no longer hold precedence over your reality.

Apologies can also help the process of forgiveness.

Take the time to apologise to others if you feel you have behaved inappropriately towards them. Do this with a clear mind and with no expectation of outcome, as your apology may or may not be accepted.

Regardless of the outcome it should not impede your onward journey. In accepting you cannot control how others feel about you, it is yet another important evolutionary step towards expanding your understanding about free will and the appropriate expression of it. Just as you are using your will to choose a new reality and new experiences based on being responsible for healing your trauma and correcting any negative behaviours that has resulted from past hurts.

We realise it is difficult to have only good thoughts, be completely clear of all emotional debris and to be unconditionally loving in every moment of your life.

However by a renewal of faith in self and continuing your quest for emotional and spiritual freedom you can alter how your ego has perceived the past and truly live in the now. Being in the present will reduce your fears and help you to develop conscious awareness as you live each day with an open and loving heart.

With love

The Angels.

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