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A VOICE OF REASON As a psychic I appreciate the importance of maintaining the health and well being

Thank-you for your concern and once again we are happy to be of service to you.

We would suggest the following:

Physically be attentive to the general well being of your physical body through diet and exercise, eat what comes naturally from the earth and not something that is created artificially to look and taste like food but actually has lost all of its nutritional value. Eating more foods that are sympathetic to your digestive system will demonstrate your respect for your physical body and to the Earth who provides you with your physical needs.

Learn to be still and grounded, meditation reduces unnecessary stress and anxiety. Try to live a calmer and more peaceful existence. Avoid environmental toxicity as best as you are able, keep your personal environment clean and safe by reducing the amount of chemicals used in your household.

Emotionally heal your emotional wounds and any trauma that you have experienced. Overly identifying with your hurt as who you believe you are is very destructive and ultimately demoralising. The reasons things have happened to you of a traumatic nature have not occurred because you do not deserve to be loved. Bad things happen because they can show you exactly what needs changing globally to create a safer environment for all humanity to reside in. It is through healing your hurt that you can find ways to help others, which doesn’t have to be in some dramatic way, it can be as you role model good behaviour and be respectful to others, the way you raise and protect your own children, and the services that you offer your local community. Naturally there will be some that will work to help others globally, but that doesn’t have to be your personal ambition, heal thyself and healing will occur naturally to those that surround you in your life.

If you have overly identified with the victim I am not suggesting it is an easy thing to just drop and become something else. During the process of loosening yourself from victimhood you will discover other aspects of your nature or personality that will begin to shine through the darkness. And with further processing you will create a new foundation from which your life can begin again.

In recognising the victim you also let go of any temptation you may have had to victimise others because at some stage in your life choice was taken from you. The victimisation of others further creates a corrosive cycle of behaviour that if left unattended will continue to pass down from generation to generation, as a way of being that is acceptable, and we all know it is actually unacceptable.

Mentally you can assist the changes by examining what you believe in and question those values as being relevant or no longer being of value to the life you wish to live.

Ask yourself if you have a moral code, a base level of integrity in which you set your standards for living, for relationships and for how you wish to be seen in the world? If in any way your own behaviours and intent need to be modified because at times they may cause threat to others then with support it can be corrected, freeing you to continue your journey in a more mindful way. Mindfulness is not something that can be perfected instantaneously but it can be mastered over time and during the course of your life, with the understanding that you are human and you will inevitable make mistakes.

Spiritually find something to believe in, a spiritual practice, a religious organisation that you feel is open and spacious, not fear based or discriminates against others. Try to find the reason for your existence, the faith to believe there is no accident that you are in a physical life at this time amongst people that challenge you, and with others who love and respect you. Question why you here and what have you come here to do, it doesn’t have to be grand, it can be as simple as being kind, to love whole-heartedly and to find goodness in the hearts of all humanity.

A spiritual path should not be rigid or diminishing to be a true path towards self-acceptance and divine love. Spiritual beliefs and practices are meant to enhance the belief you have in yourself and the faith and hope you have for the future of humanity and your Planet Earth.

We sincerely hope this helps to answer your question.

In love and with an abundance of blessings,

The Angels

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