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A VOICE OF REASON Many of my clients often want to know how to connect more deeply to the divine fem

Thank you for your question- we are once again happy to serve you in any way that we can.

Connecting to the Divine feminine is not as difficult as you think. Her life giving energies can be discovered in many things. When you decide that you want a conscious connection to her, you will realize that you are intrinsically woven into the fabric of her being. There is no separation and although you may feel you have taken a path away from her, she is never far from every human being that dwells upon this Earth.

She is the life force of this planet; she is the air you breathe, the food you eat, the shelter that provides you with warmth and protection. She gazes upon you from the heavens above with loving kind eyes as any mother watches over her children. Her love has birthed you into life, she is the feminine within, and the heart beat of your soul.

Some rejoice in her glory while others seem hell bent on repressing her power and attempting to annihilate her very existence. She is not a being; she is not flesh and blood, but a life giving energy, omnipresent in all life. She is Universal and her love is available to be accessed by all humanity. She can never be destroyed. She can be denied by individuals, and you can chose to try and exist without the presence of her magnificence in your life, however in denying her you are denying a part of self that can offer you balance in your present life; tenderness and compassion where there was previously judgement, and kindness instead of resentment.

The Divine Feminine can also help you access the deeper parts of your creativity and how you can action a way to express that in your life. It could be in the manifestation of a business idea, new forms of employment, a new profession, manifesting healthy relationships, healing old wounds, uniting families where there was once dysfunction. There are endless possibilities and potential.

However manifestation from the heart of the feminine does not occur just because you want it to. The feminine process is not about making something happen, it is more about allowing something to flow in a gentle, trustful, faithful unfolding of her grace into reality. Your connectedness and trust in the feminine in all her forms is primarily what is important. If you are willing she will take you on a magnificent journey of healing and self-discovery, but it requires patience, faith in your intuition, and trust in her grace and integrity. Your willingness to surrender to the organic nature of her process can be enhanced by your connection to your own heart and what you desire to experience in your inner and outer worlds. As you surrender she can guide you towards a more peaceful existence, a more loving approach to self and others, a kinder and less resentful attitude. And in time and with patience a new way of feeling will one day arrive, perhaps when you least expect it, which will expand your spiritual capacity for self- acceptance and equality in the world at large.

We wish you well in your endeavours to sink into the divine nature of the feminine. Any action you take to feel her love will be felt Universally as a mark of your respect for her grace and divinity. It also suggests you are on the pathway towards embracing humility, and important virtue that supports the elevation of your human consciousness.

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