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A VOICE OF REASON Over the many years I have been working as a healer and metaphysical counsellor I

"Thank you for your enquiry and as always we are happy to be of service to you.

From a bigger picture viewpoint soul mates are soul beings that are essentially 'members' of your particular soul group. They are the family that you co-exist with when in universal consciousness and who you remain energetically connected to when having a physical life.

Each soul that unites within the framework of a group carry a similar consciousness, and although there is not necessarily a hierarchy within a soul family group all souls within the group are at different levels of consciousness.

Naturally each soul is endeavouring to evolve and many souls will choose a human life to enhance their learning and to deepen their commitment to bringing change to humanity. It is natural for souls from the same soul family when journeying a human life to find themselves together at some stage during that life. In fact many souls will incarnate at the exact same time because being together will be the best ways for them to learn.

Soul mateship does not necessarily mean you will live happily ever after, although that certainly happens. In many situations it will be impossible for soul mates to stay together once they have attained what they have needed to learn during their time together.

Finding your Soul mate is a platform for you to continue to grow together as a 'family' and also as your soul mates love you unconditionally as you love them, each soul is prepared to do what is necessary to achieve the greatest amount of growth and development. That is why some soul relationships can be difficult, dysfunctional, unkind, cruel, and yet magnetic and can often cause the most pain when it is obvious that those relationships need to end.

Soul mates are not just intimate relationships with a lover, you can find a soul mateship with your children, grandchildren, friends, your siblings, your parents, your next door neighbour, your work colleagues and so on. They can be anywhere and show-up in many forms and sometimes when you least expect it.

Our suggestion to anyone who is seeking to find a soul mate to travel through life with and haven’t yet found one; please don't give-up. Perhaps to help you find one, look at what you have learnt from the soul mates you have already encountered or are already in relationship with. Remember soul mateship is all about what you can learn from each other, what you experience together for the greater good, and the love that you have shared. It is also about how a soul mate can illuminate both your shadow and your light. If you can accept the learning that previous experiences have taught you, then it will hold you in good stead for attracting a new mate into your life.

Humanities longing for intimacy and connection are fundamental to their search for soul mateship. But the search for a life partner can be very disappointing if you believe you can only find one from your original soul family group.

So today beloved ones we are suggesting that you think about the possibility that your partner in life could be someone from a different soul family. Having blinkers on in matters of the heart reduces what you can attract and source at the periphery of your reality, and over time can potentially lead to limitation and lack.

Consider the possibility that it may be your destiny to try on a different flavour of soul resonance as an opportunity to expand your soul's consciousness and enhance your personal evolutionary hopes and dreams. The chemistry will not be less passionate but just a little different than what your mind has conditioned you should feel when encountering a potential life partner.

It is also important to recognize that other soul beings have a lot to offer and joining with them in partnership could potentially create an abundance of possibilities for the elevation of humanities consciousness that previously you hadn’t thought was possible.

As you think and feel into this new potential for partnership and accept it as a possibility, the energies you send forth as you seek a mate will expand in such a way that from our perspective it would make sense that you would attract others with a different soul vibration into your reality. As you experience relating to them, it will be interesting to witness how it could change what you believe you can forge as a pathway for your future growth and development.

As we give you this message we feel great hope about the plethora of possibilities that can be manifested as a result of these new ‘types’ of soul communions.

With love and an abundance of blessings

- The Angels."

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