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I am keen to know how I develop my psychic skills further. I know my Angel guides are around. Is the

Thank-you for your question.

Your Angels are also keen to communicate with you as well and have been waiting for you to recognize the signs that they wish to support you more consciously now and in the next stage of your journey.

How very exciting!

They are asking me to tell you to remember that you are already psychic but certain experiences have forced you to feel you were not safe to use those abilities. Some of these hurtful experiences took place in your childhood, and also when you were a teenager. Unfortunately those hurts furthered your fears about what you ‘know’ on a psychic level.

The Angels feel those old memories won’t be all that difficult to heal and it feels that you have already made progress in that area through your own personal development.

However what concerns them is your fear of persecution as a healer, a Witch and also a Seer/ visionary from previous lifetimes. Although they know you will overcome that pain, you may need more support to be able to do that. Perhaps seek out a practitioner, who does past life regression work, hopefully you can find someone close to where you reside. I don’t live close enough to be able to offer that service to you.

The purpose of regression work is to explore the nature of those lifetimes, and heal any residual emotions associated with those past experiences. It is highly likely you will unlock fear, grief, anger, guilt and shame.

Once you have processed those emotions it will feel like a pressure valve has been released from the top of your head, which will open up your psychic gateways. In time this will also help you have a more conscious connection with Universal intelligence and Divine love.

I am not sure how many sessions would be required possibly only one, especially if you are prepared to do some homework about your experiences afterwards. Writing things down and working with those parts of self to find compassion for the men and women who have victimized you, as well as finding compassion for those past life women who were misunderstood and humiliated. It is important that all blame be resolved so you can free- up the persecuted women, enabling her to help you nurture your psychic talents.

Continuing to hold them in your heart will also help to alleviate your fears and terrors, and remind them that in this lifetime they are perfectly safe to be who they need to be. You must realize that your psychic gifts began developing many lifetimes ago and your connection to Spirit and other realms of consciousness although innate was more profound prior to being persecuted.

Once the pathways are clear the way to practice accessing your innate abilities is to do some guided meditations. This will help you tune into the Angelic energies that are supporting you. When you feel more confident with this connection ask them a question, let –go and trust in their support, then do some stream of consciousness writings to see what their answer is to your question.

Channeled information does not always come through in a grammatically correct way, and initially it could sound a little indirect and even obscure. Please don’t give up; eventually it will become clearer and more specific. I would also practice these techniques everyday until you can feel the connection more organically. With confidence and in time you will get the answers or any advice they wish to offer you more immediately.

For me, I either see the words or I feel the information as energy and somehow I can then transcribe that energy into words, or both at the same time.

When this connection becomes more ‘solid’ you will be pleasantly surprised about what other aspects of your gifts begin to open-up, either being clairvoyant and or clairsentient.

The Angels are also saying that it is definitely time to take back the mantle of the Healer and Visionary. It won’t be long before your work will change, or you will add new components to your work, some new programs or courses that require more group facilitation.

I sincerely hope this has helped.

Love and Angel blessings


PS sometimes it helps to have them show you a physical sign of their presence and either want to chat or guide you in in some way. I get a feeling of pressure on the right side of my head, I know that sounds odd but it is very reassuring.

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