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Dear Claire, I’ve had a pain in my hip that is quite painful at night only. It’s been there about

Thank- you for your question.

It feels like you have tried many avenues to resolve your troubled hip. However I would suggest you perhaps try some other approaches with physical therapies. Your hips and surrounding muscles feel they need stretching, what comes to mind is Pilates, and or yoga.

Because your hip energetically feels like it is in a holding pattern, seeing a Kinesiologist would also be really helpful. Kinesiology would assist you to find the memories of any unresolved childhood pain and also any outmoded belief systems that need to be let go of.

On a feeling and spiritual level it seems that you are being challenged about your direction and purpose in this lifetime. On the surface that may not appear to be troubling you, as you seem like a relatively happy and hopeful person. However in your heart and in the very essence of who you are, there is uncertainty and perhaps even a little disbelief in yourself and your abilities.

I encourage you to take the time to ponder what you are not doing that you secretly wish you could do, and also what you are doing that now no longer serves you and you need to let go of. I know that to let go of certain beliefs, ideas and feelings can be very challenging for the best of us. And what I am suggesting you need to do will take courage and commitment to find your way through this next 6 months of your life.

I am not in any way suggesting you are on the wrong path, because none of us are really, even if our lives are not all that satisfying. However what I can see are new energies, (spiritual guides) with many creative ideas that are sitting on the periphery of your reality waiting to connect with you. They wish to guide you in new ways to work, where to reside geographically and after transformation how you can be in the world.

Although this seems scary, I feel you have a wonderful opportunity to enrich your soul’s journey, to experience greater financial success, to have more happiness and better physical health during your life.

The Angels are also suggesting that to help you ponder what is being asked of you to do, try to be alone in nature when you do this process. Nature support is also there to guide you in times of reflection and in helping you find a new way forward. It can also help you be present to your heart and to help you listen to the ‘whisperings’ of your soul.

The guides that are watching over you are very attuned to your hopes and dreams in this lifetime and are looking forward to being more present to your needs and assisting you during this time of transformation. After your transformation it feels like your back and hip will be well and truly on the mend and there will be a lot less physical discomfort.

Much love and many blessings,


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