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I am channeling a new way of doing business. It involves women in circle and a new way of trading. T

Thank-you for your question.

I have pondered your question for some days now, as I like to do before I write the answer to any question that has been asked on my blog page.

And after much deliberation I am not sure I am in the position to give you exact advice about marketing strategies or models to base your business on. However what I can suggest is that you trust your intuition with the information that you are already receiving. The process of developing faith in your intuition and trusting self is very important, particularly as you develop your confidence in what you are marketing and how you put yourself out there in the Market Place.

Perhaps in the past your intuition was not always something you felt you could depend on. I feel now it is really beginning to shine, which is fantastic and shows great promise for you in the future. Having said that, I would also like to caution you about timing. Naturally when building business models, it is important to put a time frame on expected outcomes. However some of the areas you will be developing may take a little longer than planned. I always consider timing as something that is difficult to predict. We can only hope things will happen within a certain time period.

I suggest if things look like they are losing their shine, please don’t give-up. I always believe those pauses at any stage in life test our faith and our trust in the bigger picture visions that we have at the time of their conception. With patience and further trust in the original vision, things will shift and changes can occur very quickly. Also working with women to create home-based business entrepreneurs is absolutely marvelous. Well I assume that is one of your plans, although it is not exactly what you stated in your question.

The Angels are showing me that you are pouring your heart and soul into finding your purpose as a businesswoman. However they are suggesting that you write down all the ethical reasons that will help to form your business ideas. This exercise helps imprint the ethical structure energetically into anything that you pursue in life and in business. Another reason this is of value is that it sends forth the message to the world that you are a soul-enriched woman with purpose and integrity.

Many Blessings and much love,


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