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Hi Claire, Am I on the right path with my business? Will I see a growth this year and create the abu

Thank-you for your question.

I actually do believe you are on the right path, however I feel some of the things you are preparing to do in your business need just a little bit of a tweak. Either be certain you are including everything you feel you would like to do or make sure you haven’t included too many ideas. If you have too many ideas it is not that they won’t be manifested in the future but sometimes it’s good to take one step at a time. Which then allows the business to grow more organically- so to speak. Plus if it is not streamlined it can cause you some confusion about direction and purpose.

It’s hard to put an exact finger on what is not in place, as I am feeling things on an energy level. However you feel very close to be aligned to your direction in business, but just need that little bit extra to get you over the line. And it certainly doesn’t have to take heaps of time necessarily, just a slight shift in ideas and beliefs.

I also see when you have made those energy shifts you will be working quite hard, which is a good thing when doing something you are passionate about.

Your real financial freedom feels like it will come during the middle of 2016, which may feel a long time away, but in regards to a business, it isn’t that long at all. It is not that you won’t receive financial gain and self fulfillment prior to that time, because you will, however it will be easier and more abundant by the middle of next year.

On another level it feels that in the past you have felt a lot of frustration about your path, not quite feeling you are in the right place at the right time. With the business you are developing, try not to get too frustrated or lose patience. As I said you are almost there, I know you can feel it and dare I say ‘ taste’ it. And very importantly have faith.

I am a great believer in the power of prayer. Ask to be shown what it is that you need to change or add to your business structure that will give you the energy shift required. Once this shift is made you will have more clarity about how to achieve freedom, fulfillment and abundance.

Other than prayer if you have a coach or mentor then I would recommend you have a session or two to help you find the clarity that you now require for the abundance you wish to manifest in your business.

The Angels are also saying that one of your life’s lessons is to learn and experience everything you can about what being free actually means. It will be interesting to see what adventures you go on to deepen your understanding and also the experiences you have in relationship to achieve the learning.

The Angels are saying that in time you will know without any doubts what it is to be free in mind, body and spirit.

I wish you well on your path.

Many blessings,

Love Claire

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