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What is blocking me - that I feel a loss in confidence and get-up-and-go in areas of my life; especi

I am really sorry to hear that you have lost confidence and your enthusiasm.

It feels like a simple case of self-doubt, although that feeling may not always be that simple to change.

As I tune in, it appears you experienced an unpleasant event, or an emotional upheaval some months ago, (sometimes my timing is a little off, so forgive me) which was the trigger for doubt to start creeping in, and eventually overtaking your heart. At the time you may have shrugged it off as something that was of little significance, and also thought you managed the situation really well, and you probably did. But the aftermath of any disturbing experience sometimes takes a while to show-up in our hearts, minds and behaviors.

I want you to go back to that time and really feel into the residual emotions that resulted because of the experience. When you go back into the memory you may also recognise other times of emotional upheaval that resulted in you having similar feelings of self-doubt. Which eventually caused you to also feel less enthusiastic about your work, and your confidence as a woman in the world.

If this feels true for you, then it is a good opportunity to begin to change the pattern of how you respond to situations that disturb you emotionally and spiritually. I think the best way to do this is to recognise at the time of any upheaval you will naturally feel hurt. Even if you are not quite sure what the hurt is. Acknowledging this will empower you to process the hurt more efficiently, to let-go and keep moving forward. Once the hurt is processed you will feel stronger, more courageous and more determined.

Because you are such a sensitive person, you are often more affected by things than you realise. That is not a criticism; the world needs more people like you. Sensitive people have a much better chance of making a difference, as they are more acutely aware of the changes that would be necessary to make this world a better place to be.

The Angels are encouraging you to not lose faith in yourself or give up on having hope about your visions for the future. They see that your heart is good and pure - and you have a great deal of integrity; these qualities help you to sustain your ethics and moral code in work and relationships.

I hope this has been of some help.

Take good care.

Love Claire

If you should require further help in the future visit my website for details - www.claireswinney.com.au

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