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Dear Claire, In terms of my work, things seem to be a little stagnant, uninspiring and not very mot

Work questions are always interesting. Often people find they stay working in areas they are familiar with because it feels safe and the money provides security. However they may not necessarily be happy. And I am not sure you feel all that happy or able to fully immerse your heart in your work; although I am sure you do excellent work.

I feel you are being called to do something else, however you need support and a steady stream of income to launch any new business idea; and also lots of faith in your creativity to help you manifest it.

Its seems that there is number of ideas and opportunities sitting on the periphery of your reality that you can almost touch and see but they are not quite close enough for you to realize what they are yet.

I believe some emotional issues are preventing you from being able to reach out and draw these ideas closer to you.

I see that you are suffering a crisis of confidence and also low self-esteem. And I am sorry you feel that way. You have many people around you that love and support you, however your lack of belief in yourself doesn’t allow you to let their love in as much as you could.

To re-build your confidence and self-esteem, I think it would be good to actually take the time to re-connect with your creativity. Not the mother part of self who is already quite imaginative and playful with your toddler.

I want you to rediscover the aspect of self that is here to help make this world a much healthier and more magical place to live. You are essentially here to assist adults in their spiritual journeys and also to keep the magic alive for children, the little ones that are this planets future.

You have been keeping this part of you at bay, maybe because you are afraid to empower her, or perhaps you have simply forgotten she exists. She does exist and is waiting patiently for you to remember her. And when you do, she will guide you in how to fulfill part of your purpose for being here.

I recommend you work with the book “The Artist Way” by Julia Cameron. And try to connect with nature as much as possible. Nature support is incredibly helpful when birthing new ideas into reality.

Building confidence comes from the steps we take to manifest our hopes and dreams into reality. Don’t under estimate the power of meditation, walking on the beach mindfully or writing your thoughts and feelings in a journal. Doing those simple things can help clear negative thought patterns, and assist you to dive more deeply into the heart of your creativity.

To allow love in you need to share openly with friends and family about your hopes and dreams and that you are working on developing trust in your creativity, with the hope that a business will develop through your creative pursuits. I would also suggest to openly admitting you are in essence a healer. Not necessarily a person that lays hands on another, but healing comes in many forms. The words you speak, the kindness you show and the compassion you hold in your heart.

The Angels are also reminding me to tell you that it is time to look in another direction. This does not mean you will be giving up your present form of employment, so please don’t be afraid.

Amazingly when you have other ideas gestating it often makes your present work more enjoyable and in many cases more successful.

They are also saying you have a lot of integrity, which you need to trust in, and that you are a very sensitive person. However your sensitivity doesn’t always help you feel safe in the world.

They believe that when your other work is developed, because it will be of the heart, it will provide you with a renewed sense of safety, something that you have been looking for all your life.

Many blessings and much Love



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