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How can I heal the rejection and abandonment I feel from being adopted at birth?

I am very sorry that you have so much pain as a result of being adopted.

You have asked a very complex question, but I will do the best I can to help you.

As I was tuning in, the Angels told me that to clarify your feelings you need to be

given information about a past life experience that continues to affect you in this life.

In the lifetime that is being shown to me you were employed as a servant to the male

owner of an orphanage; the children were then “rented” out for cheap hard labor. The

children were very young and many didn’t survive for very long.

You desperately tried your best to look after them. Your lowly position didn’t allow you

that much contact, and you were also suffering abuse, as your employer was a very

cruel man. Sadly, there was very little you could do to improve the quality of life for the

children or for yourself.

You may wonder how that life influenced what you have experienced in this lifetime.

Sadly when you passed you carried the heavy burdens of guilt and shame about being

unable to improve the quality of the children’s lives. As a result the past self believed

she deserved to be punished, and being orphaned in this life- is what you believed

would atone for your failure to help those children in the past.

However it is important to remember that you were not the one abusing them, others

were, and sadly it was beyond your control at that time to change the system.

I can see that you offered children affection and tried to comfort them when they were

ill. You did the best you could and although a small amount of affection may not seem

enough, those who received it, appreciated it.

Your past self was able to put aside her own misery and pain to show kindness and

compassion to others, a virtue indeed!

The angels are suggesting that being adopted gives you the opportunity to heal your

personal pain, in the present and from the past. And in time you will help heal others

who have been affected by a similar experience. Not an easy task, but one you will

manage in time, and you will be more effectual in the help you provide in this lifetime.

If this past life resonates with you, then please take the time to work with that young

serving maid, help her let go of the guilt, shame and the helplessness that she felt.

Help her make peace and find compassion for whoever hurt her.

It is not the answer for healing all your pain, however it may lighten your heart from

those particular burdens and clear the way for ideas on how you can help others to

filter through.

Many blessing – love Claire

P.S. The Angels want to remind you that your heart is GOOD and TRUE- when you are

feeling down, remember what the Angels see in you.

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