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Dear Claire, I am floundering about my sense of Purpose. Place and Purpose have always been hard for

Thank you for your question.

I can really feel your frustration. It must be very difficult to deal with at times.

As I am tuning in it feels like your physical body has been under duress for a long time and is still recovering from years of stress and anxiety. It also feels like your body is trying to rid itself of a lot of toxicity, emotional, mental and from the spider bite you suffered some time ago. I understand you are a little restrained financially at the moment and therefore it may be difficult to pay for professional help to heal those last stores of toxicity pervading your body.

However with that in mind it feels like you could assist this process with the use of the many crystals that you have in your possession. Set-up a crystal grid, trust that you will know which crystals to use intuitively, then lay inside the grid. The crystals will help to ‘suck-out’ the poisons, this process may need to be repeated on a number of occasions to feel any benefit.

After each session cleanse your crystals. Also be open to using various crystals with each grid, and that each grid may vary in formation. The crystals as I am sure you know are more effective if programmed before they are set to work. Be very clear with your intentions; remember you are trying to cleanse your system of emotional, physical, mental, and to a lesser degree environmental toxicities.

Once you feel more balanced in your body then your energy field- aura will also need cleansing and purifying, swimming in the ocean or using your crystals and a smudge stick can assist this process.

The toxicity that gathers in the ‘walls’ of the aura can cause feelings of limitation and disconnection from spirit, leaving you with a sense of lack and inability to hold hope for the future.

The Angels want me to acknowledge that they are aware of the work you have been doing to bring your purpose into reality, and are asking you not to give up or lose hope.

You need to be tender with yourself above all else at this time. There is no accident that in the present your purpose is to find a deep communion with self and the grace to let go of old thought forms and belief systems. Spirit is not asking you to find forgiveness but to be compassionate with your human self, who is vulnerable and susceptible to suffering and pain. At times other aspects of self are intolerant of your humanity and perceived failures. Once identified, they need to step aside and allow the space for your inner child and adult woman to heal.

You may feel the Angels are asking a lot of you, however in order to move into a sense of your greater purpose, your purpose now is to love self first, and then in time all else will follow.

I hope that is of some help, if you have a further question don’t hesitate to ask.

Much love and many Blessings,

Claire xx


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