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Claire, I have difficulty with patience. How can I trust what is happening and know that I am on the

That is an interesting question.

I do understand how you feel, as patience is also something I am attempting to master during my life. And to date there have been times when it has been well and truly tested.

I also wish to acknowledge that it’s okay not to be patient all the time. If you are

forcing yourself to feel a certain way and its not real, then its best not to. Always be true to yourself, with the intention of causing no harm to others when expressing your truth.

I need to remind you that anything you are here to learn in this lifetime may take a goodly portion of your life to master. It may require you to have patience with your lack of patience.

Faith and Patience

I also put patience and having faith in the same box, as to have faith requires patience and vice versa.

If we have absolute faith in our decisions, our plans, our abilities to sustain relationships, integrity, humility and that we are essentially good people, then I believe patience with life’s outcomes will be at hand to support us.

Therefore I would suggest you examine where you have a lack of faith or inability to trust. Once you have worked that out, then you may need to do some more personal development work to heal your hurt and re-establish your trust. Another reason to examine those areas is to see where you have placed your faith/trust, and if you were to continue to do so, it may not be in your best interest.

Sometimes you have to let go of things that are not going to happen, and no matter how much faith or belief you have, it won’t change the outcome.

Having a misguided sense of faith can be an exhausting experience, and it is not that you are giving-up, but being more practical in your approach to developing patience. Facing the reality of where to place your faith and trust is a really important step on your spiritual path.

In time this helps with your overall ability to be discerning and creates good healthy boundaries in relationships. It also establishes a deeper connection to your intuition, and hopefully in time you will listen to your own intuitive knowing about where to place your trust and what to have faith in.

The angels are asking me to remind you to keep laughing. Laughing lights up your aura and sends messages out to the Universe that you are fundamentally a joyous person. This pleases the Angels as they want you to be abundantly HAPPY with all that life has to offer you; now and in your future. Laughter also makes you more open and receptive to the new life that has not yet been lived.

I sincerely hope this helps.

love and blessings,


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