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I find my self at the age of 70, very involved in supporting, emotionally and practically, my two te

I am sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter, your heart feels very tender.

Being a grieving mother and an active grandmother feels like it is placing extraordinary demands upon you, way beyond what you thought you had signed up for.

I can imagine in your frustration you may feel resentful and on occasion a little angry. Please don’t feel guilty for having those feelings; it is natural, and a necessary emotional component for coming to terms with your loss.

As I tune in I can also hear the small voice of your inner child calling out, “what about me, you have forgotten about me.” Remember she is also grieving the loss of your daughter and very likely anyone else you have lost during the course of your life.

I would suggest that for the moment listen to that voice. Giving the inner child some attention will help you feel more nurtured, understood and less burdened as she releases long held emotional pain. This process will clear the way for your imagination and creativity to re-emerge, thus showing you the way forward for your personal expression in the future. It will also help you to be more present and grounded when actively participating with your grandchildren.

Attend to your inner child daily. Find imaginative ways to create ritual around her healing. Mix it up with journaling, a walk along the beach, meditation, some painting or other forms of creative expression. Once you have re-established a trusting relationship with the child, there will be less need to focus on her everyday. However it should be an ongoing requirement for all of us, to dedicate time to nurture the inner child at least once a week.

The Angels are also telling me that you need to let go of any resistance you have to writing. Create a prayer or mantra that reaffirms your willingness to let go. This is a lovely way to learn to surrender to your gifts and to the desires of what your higher-self wishes to manifest in this lifetime. The art of becoming a writer is to write something everyday, even if its just thoughts and feelings in a journal.

Initially by releasing excess worries through streaming your writing, you make way for what actually wants to be written-the story that needs to be told by YOU- and only YOU!

They also want you to know that your beautiful daughter is safe and well. When she first passed to Sprit, it was a little difficult for her to let go of her family and in particular her beautiful children. However once she accepted the healing help from her Guardian Angels, her heart became stronger and she was able to surrender into her new situation more easily.

She also wants you to know how much she loves you and that she is very grateful for all that you are doing to support the well-being and development of her children; your grandchildren.

I hope this has been helpful. I look forward to hearing about your progress. I wish you well in your future.

Love and blessings- Claire

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