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Well...I would like some help in setting intentions to make my life better on a practical basic leve

Great question- as so many people have difficulty with staying focused once they

have set their goals.

Goal setting is the easy part, however the manifestation of your hopes and dreams takes a lot more work to co-create.

Once upon a time there was a belief that if you asked the Universe for something, then magically it would be given to you. And maybe that has been some people’s experience. However from personal and others experience this is not quite how the Universe works.

To manifest work in the areas you are passionate about requires practice, on occasion study, participation (even if you have to volunteer to get the experience,) discipline and focus. And a lot of the time you may have to say no to distractions and the demands of others; and that can be really hard to do.

However every time you set a boundary, it does indicate to the Universe and to others that you are serious about what YOU want to do. Putting yourself first in this situation is not selfish, it’s sensible. If you have a calling then respond to that call by making yourself available for any opportunity that may come your way. It is also advisable to contact as many people as you can in the industry you’re interested in, and tell them you are available.

Always try to be pure of heart with your intentions and goal setting. Your integrity will hold you in good stead and help you to feel confident in what you wish to manifest. Having integrity is also an important ingredient to help you be in the right place at the right time.

The Angels are also saying that for most of your life you have had to put your passions on hold for the well being of others. At those times it may have been the right thing for you to do. However that is no longer the case, unless your fears suddenly get in the way and distract you from what you really want to do. Only you can face your fears, and say no to others needs by making your hopes and dreams a priority.

Success feels close at hand;

have faith, be disciplined and start demonstrating your craft whenever possible.

Also trust that your intuition can guide you in the right direction, all you have to do is ask and it will show you the way.

Love and Light

Claire xxx

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