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Dear Claire, I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities of life. How do I overcome the fea


It seems that one of your spiritual missions in life is to bring into balance your inner masculine and feminine aspects. As I tune into your feminine she is fun, adventurous, a healer, a humanitarian, very grounded, and grateful for all that the Mother earth has provided. Naturally she has pain, however it does feel at other times in your life you have had the opportunity to do more personal and spiritual work with her.

Your Masculine feels courageous, intelligent, and doesn’t suffer fools easily. However he also feels overburdened, tired and a little worn out from the present role he is playing out in your life. Plus he is a bit of a perfectionist; perfectionism can be the pathway to feeling a failure.

If you can separate these two parts of yourself, then you have the opportunity to heal your wounded masculine and resurrect your feminine aspect to take over the reigns for a while.

Fortunately it feels that it will be easy for you to identify when the masculine is at play in your everyday life. And the answer is in the question you have asked.

As an experiment I would suggest before you go to work visualize leaving your masculine at home in a safe place.

Then tune into your inner feminine and get a sense of her qualities and feel into her inner light. Then when you are at work be mindful of the feelings she invokes in you, and accepting of how she wishes to express herself through you in everyday life. If the masculine sneaks back into play, then keep separating yourself from him, reassuring him that you are okay for the moment without him.

Now I didn’t say this would be easy, it takes practice as does all healing exercises.

I would then like you to apply this principle in every situation you recognize your masculine has had more control in your life. Initially both aspects will probably not enjoy the change that you are trying make, and may feel a little unsafe when doing the exercise.

However if you persist I believe you are going to really enjoy your feminine energy, who to date has been more present in your inner life rather than your outer more worldly life.

Your masculine in time will surrender because he knows it is for his highest good to rest and to let go of being in survival mode.

Naturally you cannot ultimately live a balanced life without your inner masculine. And once he has rested and let go of old ways of being, new qualities of the masculine will emerge that are more compatible with your feminine.

The Angels are also telling me that as you make these changes, you will feel more at ease as you step into the next stage of your journey. You are entering a time in your life where you have earned the right to be more care-free and you should no longer have to feel anxious about what others expect of you.

Your family who relies on your masculine may at times want him back, but they will work through it, and in time will accept the new you. And you never know, they may enjoy the emerging feminine in a whole new way that once upon a time you wouldn’t have thought possible.

Love and Light


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