Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia


Claire is a truly heartfelt and compassionate facilitator. She meets you where you are; supporting from an openhearted place of clarity that empowers you to heal and find your own inner guidance. Claire brings in a higher consciousness love that is deeply comforting and helps you connect with the simple goodness of life. The wisdom she shares is grounded and genuinely transformative. She is a wonderful mentor for artists and will help you find your authentic inspired expression. I was getting stuck on negative thoughts and disabling emotions as I was writing my memoir, and Claire helped me to part the sea of sabotaging emotions and limiting thoughts, so I could discover my voice and creative expression. Her suggestions kept me focused and clear, so what was waiting to birth underneath the rubble could spring forth into life. 


Perth, Western Australia


Over the 20 years I have known Claire, she has become a very important person in my life. She had guided me through difficult times and encouraged me to find my own spiritual light and inner strength. I would describe Claire as an Angel on earth. Her gift of healing and divine guidance has helped so many people; including members of my family, friends and work colleagues. Her workshops have given me an opportunity to connect with kindred spirits and to learn that we are not alone. To share similar challenges with others; guided by Claire’s wisdom and experiencing her ability to connect us to our spiritual self, has given me great joy. Claire's depth of insight, kindness, compassion and endless patience allows clients to find their own answers within, so we can each understand our lessons as part of our own individual journeys. I am truly grateful for all the reasons that bring Claire into my life.  She is an inspiration with a wonderful gift and she shares it with love and joy. Bless you Claire


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


I feel blessed to have been referred to Claire in 2013. She has guided me through the most difficult time of my life and has uncovered so much of myself that I was not aware of. Claire is truly remarkable at getting to the core of my issues and each session has provided me with so much insight and clarity. I know that it is through her unwavering love and support for me that I am able to discover and accept so much more of myself.


Thank you Claire for being the beautiful person that you are and for giving your gift of healing to me. 



Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


My relationship with my life and myself has profoundly been revealed and deepened through the sessions of work I have done with Claire over the last two years.The level of truth, love, integrity in alignment with gentle and timely peeling away of layers, Claire has guided me in bringing about a new sense of clarity, awareness and trust in myself, my relationships, my life and my whole being. 


Mullimbimby, New South Wales, Australia


Through Claire’s gentle, compassionate and extremely insightful counsel I have been able to gain greater insight into the nature and root cause of various ‘difficulties’ that have impeded my life. I fine my work with her affirming and exciting. I am astounded at the level of her insight and the extremely practical and grounded support she offers. 


Oban, Scotland, United Kingdom


"Claire has been an incredible writing mentor for me for many years. She has guided me through every spiritual and emotional roadblock I crashed into, helping to strengthen my spiritual connection to my books, improve my clarity, focus, courage, and commitment, and enhance my ability to surrender to my characters and what they want to say and do. For me writing is not a mental process but spiritual and emotional, and I could not have reached the breadth and depths I was supposed to reach without her.”  -  Jules Watson, author of 5 internationally published novels.