What’s New for Private Sessions? 


Following the rebirth of my blog, I am also offering a specialised healing process ‘The One Event’ in my private sessions.


I will be inviting clients to focus on those significant events that have fundamentally changed the course of their lives.


Some of those events may have been major in the wounds they’ve inflicted or they could have been so subtle that if you hadn’t been paying attention to your personal growth, you may well have missed their importance.


During each session we will dissect an event, with the faith we can resurrect parts of self that were lost due to the event.


We will bring freedom and joy in a new vision, to areas of your life needing revamping. And, as is my usual practice, I will offer clients practical ways to make achievable change.


In the past I’ve tended to be guided by either my clients or those Spiritual Guardians watching over us at the time of conducting private sessions. With this new format I am following directions from a Spiritual source that is far wiser than myself.


In a nutshell I am being directed to show others new ways to heal trauma. The sessions will help you to resolve anything unresolved from the One Event that has crippled you emotionally, or forced you to be hurtful to others as a way to protect yourself from being hurt again.

Private sessions are also available via Skype; or in person – for those in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW, in Australia.


Claire also offers Metaphysical Counseling and Spiritual Guidance to help you resolve any personal issues that may arise during times of transition and transformation. During the session time if you wish to delve more deeply into the mysteries of your higher self, Claire can offer insight from Angelic Consciousness to help strengthen that relationship.


Claire is able to beautifully support those grieving the loss of a loved one. Furthermore, Claire is experienced in supporting those souls who have recently passed but who are in need of some assitance to let go and move on.


Sessions cost $120 for 1.5 hours ($90 concession) and can be paid via paypal or direct debit.

For more information, please phone 0407 757 377

or email ask@claireswinney.com.au


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