online help


I offer online support and assistance through my blog - ask the angels - which offers the opportunity to ask personal questions to support you in your journey of healing. 

Working in partnership with Angelic Consciousness, I will guide you to take action and live your life with less fear, to have faith in your abilities to let go of past hurts and step out of any old paradigms of reality that no longer serve you.  I will also guide you to find the emotional and spiritual means to embrace your life more fully. 


Do you need help in how to create more happiness in your life in any of these areas? 


  • Self respect


  • Boundaries- how to implement them, and their significance to living an emotionally healthy life.


  • Forgiveness for self and others.


  • Acts of Kindness


  • Strengthening your faith


  • Hope in the ultimate goodness of humanity


  • Learning to trust after periods of distrust


  • Empathy for those that are suffering.


  • Understanding Integrity and finding your truth.


  • Setting intentions about how you wish to live your life well.


  • Discovering your higher potential


  • Connecting to the essence of your spirit; the true nature of your soul.

Do you need help resolving any of these issues?  


  • Abandonment


  • Loss


  • Rejection


  • Loneliness


  • Fear


  • Anxiety


  • Resentment


  • Regret


  • Anger


  • Grief


  • Ancestral wounding


  • The wounded inner child


  • Fear of Death


  • Unsure about the Afterlife 

I look forward to you joining me at ask the angels