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My new blog “The One Event” discusses those significant events that have changed the direction of our lives and defined us as human beings.


Certain events can often leaving us feeling unworthy, unloved and abandoned. Sadly it’s often traumatic events in particular that are really hard to recover from. They can leave us stuck in shock and fear about the future, or immobilise us from being able to take action to create change, or move forward.


After traumatic events it can also be difficult to find compassion for ourselves, for the part we played in the event when it occurred.


Each major event we’ve experienced may not have been trauma based, as it’s not only traumatic events that can affect our lives forever.


It is also common that although many of the events that have occurred in our lives bring change, not every change or choice we’ve made following those events will have brought positive change.


It is my belief that if we re-examine some of those past events that impacted our lives and personalities in a detrimental way, we can make new choices in hindsight.


The intention for this reflection is to offer us hope for our futures, and a renewal of faith in the purpose and meaning of our lives.


Basically it is never too late to uncover the real you: the you that was cruising along in life only to be hit by an event you may still not yet fully understand, or have not yet recovered from.


It is not my intention to negate the benefits of experiencing happy events. By their own nature these bring a quality to our lives that is unforgettable. And the memory of how it felt in that moment to be truly joyful has the potential to last until the day we die and even beyond physical death. However, it can sometimes be a good thing to also re-examine those joyful events, just in case you missed some of the gifts being offered to you at the time.

And, to make certain that the choices you made following those events did not negate your purpose for being, or how you relate to the world.


On my new Blog I will be sharing some of the many events that have certainly redefined me as a human being. I will also be inviting guests to share the stories that have transformed their lives.


If you would like to share a story of ‘The One Event’ that has changed you in significant ways, then email me on: including your permission for me to post it anonymously on my blog.


My intention as a healer and an advocate for personal growth is to assist anyone who needs support to bring change to his or her life. It is also my heartfelt prayer that Humanity will align to the virtues of compassion, respect and non-violence, and support the continued wellbeing of the Mother Earth.


Love Claire xx

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