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Presently, my writing is taking precedence over my healing work. There have been many significant, personal events which have contributed to this change in direction. I feel I need to surrender to the words that seem to be flowing freely. I think it is important for me to trust the superior wisdom of the story I am living as well as the story I am writing. When I surrender, the creativity flows through me naturally, effortlessly and with ease - it becomes difficult to ignore.

AFTER LIFE: A Soul's Journey of Life, Death and Beyond

What if we could find out what really happens to ours souls after we die – from someone who is already there? After Life: A Soul’s Journey of Life, Death and Beyond, is a remarkable true story of love, death and the afterlife. Author, Claire Swinney, a talented counsellor with powerful psychic gifts, shares her journey caring for her husband through illness and death. The book chronicles the amazing return of his spirit, wanting her to channel his transformational journey of death and the after life.


This unique story shows the evolution of his soul during death, and afterwards in the spirit world. The information illuminates our cycles of soul rebirth, connection to divine love and your soul family, the purpose for incarnating on earth and much more. After Life teaches that after dying we experience only love, belonging and healing. It provides comfort to those grieving the loss of a loved one, and helps you connect more deeply to your soul’s purpose.


This inspiring book is a potent teaching on how letting go of the fear of dying helps us to be fully present to life. When we do this, we are able to resolve past issues, and surrender our pain more easily. The book helps us trust in our instincts and creativity while encouraging us to connect to nature and the angelic realms. After Life is a light shining the way for us to have faith and hope in the life we are living and our future.



Book One: The Naked Earth Series.


This is the tale of a broken man rising out of the depth of his own

darkness, to be bathed in the light of the true essence he

was always destined to be.


This book has been softly brewing for the past three years. I

am being brave and following my heart with a new direction

in writing fiction.


Gem the main character came to me when I was in Sydney

attending a Writer’s Workshop. Pushed out of bed by his determination, and hiding in the bathroom for fear of waking my friend, I allowed Gem to elaborate on the story he wished to tell, and the context in which he wanted it to be written.

It is Gem’s story of healing as a survivor of domestic violence and abuse, and the metamorphic process he goes through to save himself from his addictions. The book unravels the habits he adopted as a means of survival after great loss and suffering, that also alienated him from those he loved and genuinely cared for.


I welcomed his story, as it is one that needs to be told, and in

the context of fiction has the potential to reach a larger audience

and have a greater impact. I believe it is timely that abuse in all its forms needs to undergo radical healing. This will allow the potential for both the abused and the abuser to contribute to their personal relationships and society in a more functional and appropriate way.